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  • Mango Protein Chia Pudding

    Mango Protein Chia Pudding

    I love chia breakfast puddings because they’re super simple, taste incredible, fill me up (always a bonus) and you can prepare them the night before… so that you’re not wasting...

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  • Raw Chocolate Tarts Recipe

    Raw Chocolate Tarts Recipe

    Hey GFs, My new afternoon snack obsession is here! I haven’t had a cooking/baking urge in a while but I suddenly felt the urge to get creative in the kitchen...

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  • Creamy Chicken Pie Recipe

    Creamy Chicken Pie Recipe

    This recipe has been my absolute go-to these past few weeks (no surprise for there my Instagram followers!). I’ve been living off this Creamy Chicken Pie recipe for dinner lately...

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  • Coconut Curry Dhal & Flatbread

    Coconut Curry Dhal & Flatbread

    Does anyone else go through a new food obsession each month? Because I sure do. I am currently obsessing over my new Coconut Curry Dhal recipe, and I have had...

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  • Gourmet Baked Fish Recipe

    Gourmet Baked Fish Recipe

    Sometimes a simple dinner is the most delicious! This simple, healthy baked fish recipe might be simple, but it’s absolutely packed with flavour and will leave you with some happy...

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  • Exclusive eBook Special! Weis Bar Cheesecake Recipe

    Exclusive eBook Special! Weis Bar Cheesecake Recipe

    Raw, RSF, DF, Vegan OOOOH! What’s this? An exclusive, never before seen recipe straight from my eBook, Find Your Healthy!? YEP. As a huge thank-you to my community (you, reading...

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  • Healthy Jam Drops

    Healthy Jam Drops

    Christmas may well and truly be over, but that’s not going to stop me from devouring some Christmas cookies this year! Love cookies? My jam drop recipe is the perfect...

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  • Healing Chicken Soup Recipe

    Healing Chicken Soup Recipe

    I came down with an ear, nose & throat infection last week and I was seriously struggling, so I wanted to make a warm and nourishing soup that was delicious,...

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  • Cheeky Choc Protein Balls

    Cheeky Choc Protein Balls

    You know I love a good protein filled snack, and no doubt you have heard me RAVE about Botanika Blends, my favourite, vegan plant protein full of digestive enzymes and...

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  • Did Someone Say... Paleo Choc Chip Cookies?!

    Did Someone Say... Paleo Choc Chip Cookies?!

    I have never been so proud of a recipe guys! This creation came about because I was craving a delicious, gooey cookie (but without the added nasties that usually come...

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  • Decadent Protein Fudge

    Decadent Protein Fudge

    Fudge fans, where you at!? If you’re like me, you enjoy nothing more than digging into a deliciously sweet treat after dinner, because dessert is the BEST part about the...

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  • Sweet Potato Brownies!

    Sweet Potato Brownies!

    I have seen and tried so many sweet potato brownie recipes out there, but to be honest I have never really found one I LOVED... So after numerous attempts at...

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