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My biggest lessons I learned in my first year of biz... ⏰🧳

My team and I recently celebrated the first birthday of my pride and joy, Naked Harvest Supplements! And wow, what an absolute year of passion, hard work, building the best team and helping so many women elevate their workouts naturally.

This first year of business has been an absolute dream (I’m still pinching myself!) But let me tell you, it was a year of significant growth, both personally and professionally! So I decided to share with you all my biggest business tips and lessons I learnt from building my company from the ground up. From saving money (yes, we may have spent way too much money on shouting our team UberEats), to the nitty gritty on how to outsource and upskill - I share it all

This one is jam packed full of business tips and is perfect for those who are starting out, or wanting to take their biz to the next level. Can’t wait for you to hear and share this exciting milestone with you all!


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