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The truth behind bikini comps + should you track macros? & finding her 'why' with WBFF Bikini Pro Micky Parker

Curious about bikini comps? Always wondered what ‘prep’ involves? Should you count your macros?! I’ve got you! In todays episode, I bring you a chat with WBFF Bikini Pro Micky Parker, who is an absolute wealth of knowledge on all things comps and nutrition.

Like me, Micky had a tough relationship with her diet and body image. Since then, she’s done a full 180, doesn’t live by any bs fads, and is smashing out comp titles. We chat about her past relationship with disordered eating and get an honest and raw insight to the world of bikini comps and the reality of prep! Micky is also a nutrition and performance coach and she spills so much useful info surrounding macros and how eating to fuel your body is different for ALL bodies.

This episode is for everyone, with so many useful tips surrounding body image & learning to fuel your body the right way. Can’t wait for you to hear it!
You can find Micky on Instagram here and her programs and eBooks here.


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