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Chloe Szep + Molly Jane 🔮 how to heal, tap into your spirituality & bloom!


Episode 79 features two incredibly driven soul sisters, Chloe Szepanowski and Molly Jane, who are the co-founders of the meditation and relaxation app, Bloom!

Chloe and Molly both felt as though something was missing… like something bigger was out there for them. And when their paths aligned through their separate roles at Bondi Sands, this eventually led to their extremely successful Bloom app. After both going through their share of hard times, they set out to create an app with the mission to change the world by helping others find stillness and inner peace.

In our conversation, we talk about the girls’ favourite spiritual practices, the importance of self-discovery and grounding, and how they came together to use social media for an impactful purpose. Chloe & Molly are living proof that if you take time to heal and create space to tap into your intuitions - then amazing things can happen! ⚡️

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