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Ep 5: The art of saying "No" & How to set healthy boundaries!

Do you find yourself saying yes to everything, even when you really feel like saying no? At the end of last year, I caught myself saying ‘yes’ to a bunch of things that weren’t making me happy or fulfilling my personal goals, purely because I just wanted to keep someone else happy! By putting other people first before myself, I ended up feeling cranky that I’d spent time and energy into things that didn’t fulfill me and by the end of the year, I felt burnt out and run down! And guess what? I didn’t spend half as much time achieving the things I wanted too! I think this is an area that LOTS of women struggle with… so this episode is for all my ‘people pleasers’ out there who need to learn how to say NO when it doesn’t suit them!

  • Energy draining... feeling feelings of guilt and resentment. 3:10

  • “I’m just going to say it...we want to help people, we want to please people.” 4:24

  • My mind shifts surrounding similar situations and setting boundaries. 5:28

  • “Fill up your own cup before you fill up anyone elses.” 5:40

  • “That is selfish…” 6:40

  • Why we need to start saying no! Taking on too many commitments & spreading yourself too thin. 7:29

  • Ask yourself, what feeling is this giving you? How will you feel afterwards?... 9:36

  • Listening to your gut feeling. 10:28

  • “Valuing your time, and realising that you need time for yourself… that’s not selfish!” 11:20

  • Know your priorities. 11:45

  • “Ask yourself, is this going to help me with a priority in my life? Or take me away from a priority…” 11:58

  • Dealing with friends that ask to much from you. 11:55

  • Stop apologising and set those boundaries. 13:10

  • “Give yourself permission to think about things before you agree…” 15:08

  • Being truthful and honest with people. 16:30

  • Telling you about my first “no” of the year… 19:55

  • “I am so glad that I listened to my intuition...” 23:00

  • “We cannot pour from an empty cup.” 25:03

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