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Ep 6: REAL TALK: Getting your period back, over-training & finding what foods bloat you! with Better Being Steph

In this episode of The Rise & Conquer Podcast, host Georgie sits down with Steph, the owner of the Better Being Steph, a platform for wellbeing, health and fitness. The topic of today’s episode is overtraining, orthorexia, finding foods that fit (or bloat) you, how to get your monthly period back, and much more.

Steph shares about how she changed her training routine, as it was too intense and negatively affected her body, social life, energy, and health. She was over-training, which is a mistake people can make sometimes when they push themselves too hard. However, when over-training occurs, the law of diminishing returns kicks into gear, and those ‘returns’ create issues for our bodies. Such negative consequences include the loss of muscle mass, loss of essential minerals, losing too much fat way too quickly, creating a hormone imbalance, and can even cause the cessation of a menstrual period. Your body will tell you when you are pushing too hard, and you better heed its warning. She suggests finding someone with the qualifications that can help you in setting up a good and fitting workout routine.

Steph also fought against and overcame orthorexia (nervosa,) an eating disorder characterized by preoccupation with being healthy and eating healthy food. She fell into this disorder when she started getting compliments on how healthy and attractive she appeared, which made her push even harder with her exercise and eating obsession at the time. So, it is good advice to avoid going overboard with health advice, and establish a balanced lifestyle that will even be healthier for you. After a while you will notice the patterns and find out which ones you may try to avoid. Steph shares that she will soon include some great recipes on her website Better Being Steph, her Instagram, and her other website Sneaky Wholefoods, so make sure to pay a visit and sign up for her newsletter.

Thanks for listening and I’ll catch up with you next time on the podcast!


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