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Ep 4: How to get anything you want!! Law of attraction, manifesting & gratitude hacks with Larissa Emara

In this episode of Rise & Conquer host Georgie sits down with Larissa Emara, the founder of I am happy, I am here to discuss about the Law of Attraction, how to be grateful in life, and how to get anything you want. Larissa started using gratitude journals about a decade ago, and this helped get her mind in the right place. She decided to make her own type of a gratitude journal, which proved to be a very successful venture.

The conversation starts about the Law of Attraction. Larissa defines the Law of Attraction as the vibrations we radiate that depend on our mood and outlook on the world at the moment, and how it attracts the like – a dull mood attracts dull behaviors and happenings; while when we are happy and inspired, it seems as if the world magically turns into an open, friendly, and inspiring place around us! Her advice is to make a mind shift by – Step 1: start by working on your vibrations, so that you start feeling happy as if you got everything you are asking for. Step 2: visualizing – you make a visualizing journal where you stick photos of the things you want to have in your life, and then by looking at it evoke the feelings that you would feel if you had that thing. This should be done regularly to notice the difference i.e. 3 times a week, everyday, and similar.

When speaking about manifesting, Larissa believes that it is taking control over what we want and using visualization to achieve that. It’s about paying attention to the feelings you are putting out. Once you discover what you truly want, and what you can manifest, then you can bring that into your life. You should focus on the feelings you want, rather than the thing or person itself that you believe you want. On the other hand, you can unintentionally project negative attitude towards things and people, and have it swing back like a boomerang. This typically happens if you have subconscious beliefs that certain things are scarce or hard and stressful to come by i.e. money, success, desirable partners. Gratitude is really connected to the Law of Attraction. You can always find something to feel grateful for in your life. Practicing gratitude will make it easier to shift into higher-level vibration, and improve the quality of your everyday experience and life. Sometimes people feel that they are unworthy of manifesting, but Larissa explains that every single person is worthy of happiness and can achieve it.

For the wrap up, Larissa shares some tips on what you can do today to evoke the Law of Attraction. You can start by simply making the shift towards feeling happy and grateful. Then you can do visualization. And finally, do your own research into this and discover that there is a lot under the surface. She recommends the book The Secret as a good start. You really need to believe what you want is going to come— even though you can’t see it, it’s there.

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