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Ep 3: Staying in your lane: How to stop comparing yourself & feel enough

Do you walk a fine line between admiring someone and wishing you were them? As women, it is in our very nature to compete. We compete for men, for jobs and for a voice, but we have also developed the nasty habit of comparing ourselves to other women - and this is usually because we feel like they represent something that we don’t have, but secretly (or not so secretly) want in life. GIRLS, it is my pleasure to remind you that we are all running our own races, we are all on our own timelines and we all have our very own journeys to fulfil. We are UNIQUE and that’s what makes us so special. This podcast episode will teach you how to finally stop playing the comparison game, and finally begin to feel as incredible as you already are.

  1. “I kept telling myself I wasn’t good enough” 5:42

  2. “I was really annoyed at myself” 6:20

  3. “‘Self comparison can just creep in…” 7:45

  4. “We are forever growing, forever learning and forever achieving…” 9:51

  5. “You don’t know their backstory” 11:01

  6. “Real life is messy, raw and flawed” 13:23

  7. “When you have a feeling, you only feel it for 90 seconds...” 12:47

  8. “Affirmation: The action or process of affirming something” 15:35

  9. “No one is me, and that is my power.” 16:47

  10. “Your imperfections make up you...” 17:46

  11. “It gets easier…” 19:48

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