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Ep 2: No BS health talk: how food affects hormones, celery juicing? + ditching diet culture - with Nutritionist Nina Gabriela

Today we go into Nina’s past of recovery from an eating disorder and how she transformed her mindset around food & her body. We also go into topics like diet culture, the best foods to lose weight, how food affects your hormones, how many calories a young girl should be eating, Nina’s opinion on this new trend of celery juice drinking + so much more!

  1. “It changed everything..” 4:04

  2. What is diabetes? How does it affect the body? 4:25

  3. “It’s not just food and exercise that affect your blood sugar levels” 7:25

  4. “It was so harmless, but it was forming negative thoughts and a negative relationship around food” 10:20

  5. Two-sided thinking, bad habits, and overtraining 11:45

  6. Minnesota starvation study 13:25

  7. The recovery process 15:05

  8. Nina’s big shift - “Sparked my interest in health and nutrition and learning about food and how to fuel and nourish the body instead of seeing food as this thing to be ashamed of…” 18:00

  9. Going Vegan, post eating disorder… the risks and challenges 21:04

  10. Counting macros and calories 22:44 “This is where it gets complicated”

  11. “We’re not meant to be following rules, we’re meant to be in tune with ourselves.” 26:12

  12. No BS approach to health and nutrition 29:30 “how to dissect the BS from what is real”

  13. Nutrient dense foods, making a mind shift, scared of carbs 38:40

  14. “Weight is a silly measure of heath...” 40:12

  15. Choosing happy thoughts and making positive mindset choices 42:00

  16. Ditching diet culture 44:00 “we reward ourselves for weight loss”

  17. “When we’re on a diet, we feel superior to others” 48:10

  18. The importance of self love 51:00

  19. What’s up with celery juicing? #trending 55:05  

  20. How many calories should you be eating?  57:35 “I don’t think you should be focusing on calories”

  21. “If you are hungry, honour that hunger and EAT! 1:00:55

  22. “I am a firm believer that you should not be eating to lose weight, we should be eating for health” 1:01:10

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