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Be the energy you want to attract with speaker & TV star Cleo Massey

In today’s episode I chat with blogger and TV star Cleo Massey. If you were like me when you were younger you would remember Aussie TV series, H20 Just Add Water, where three teenagers become mermaids.

Living between the Gold Coast and LA, Cleo felt the pressure so she knew others would too. This inspired her to create a platform to help herself and others live with a more optimistic, positive outlook towards life! This was the beginning of Cleo’s blog, Pass Around the Smile. Changing her mindset and focusing on the Law of Attraction and self-love, her career and life expanded in ways that she never could have imagined! 

We talk all things… like dealing with negativity, meditating, self doubt, self love, confidence, finding your right path, balance and how to be generally positive! This ep will benefit you in more ways than you can imagine. What are you waiting for GFs… Listen in now!

Cleo’s no.1 book recommendation - Don’t sweat the small stuff by Richard Carlson 






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