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#KissMyFatAss !! How to be brave & raw with Amy Sheppard

Do you feel the pressure to edit your photos before you put them up online?? We have all done it right… we need to get that best angle + use face tune or filters to make us look “PERFECT” 

I chat with singer/songwriter of the band We Are Sheppard, Amy Sheppard who is well known for her #KissMyFatAss campaign, a call to action for women to embrace their real selves and no longer buy into the airbrushed, un-real fantasy that lives on social media! 

I know this is one you will resonate with so listen in now to hear her tips so that next time you feel the urge to open up face/body editing apps you will think twice.

Let’s change the stigma GFs!

Amy’s recommends for all of us to watch the Embrace documentary by Taryn Brumfitt, click here to check it out!






I am often asked what podcasts I listen to and I have to say, The Kylie Camps podcast, is a firm favourite. I have actually had Kylie on the show and I absolutely adore her message. The Kylie Camps podcast is a real mistake but each episode is about empowering women to live their best, most authentic life. Kylie has conversations with thought leaders around topics, like happiness, health and emotional wellness. She shares her own journey and life experience openly. Kylie is a baby and child sleep consultant, mum of twins, entrepreneur, business owner and influencer. With regular top 5 chart appearances and over 326,000 total downloads, you will definitely love listening to her insights and guests. Check her out and hit subscribe on iTunes or your favourite podcast app and be sure to find her on the gram @kyliecamps

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