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10 Lessons From This Decade // What I'll Be Taking Into 2020!

10 Life Lessons I Have Learned This Decade!!

I saw some people doing #10yearchallenge photos on here & it inspired me to recreate that + also reflect on 2019 as it marks the end of the decade. In this solo ep I share my journey from 15-25 years old…

I really enjoyed making this solo episode so I hope you love it too! 

Love G xx


I have a couple of questions for you… Are you sick and tired of the same mundane workouts?

Are you seeking a fun community focused challenge to get motivated for 2020?

Get ready for January guys, Naked Harvest has created a @nhfit_ challenge for the month of January. This is not a structured problem, but rather a series of fun unique workout challenges to mix up your training and get you motivated to be a stronger, fitter you for 2020!! We have created a private Instagram account and for the month of January we will be posting a new workout every single day, starting from the 6th January (Monday to Saturday) Each workout has been certified and approved by a PT. They are a combination of HIIT, circuit & rep challenges with minimal equipment, like dumb bells or booty bands. It is a home based workout so we can get everyone involved and it’s easily adjustable for all fitness levels. Even though the challenge starts on the 6th January, you don’t have to do the workouts with us everyday, you will have access to the accounts and workouts for the entire year of 2020. How amazing is that?!

How to get involved?? You need to shop with Naked Harvest. This challenge has been created for the NH gang, which means you regularly shop with us. To be eligible you have to spend around $100, starting from the 5th December onwards. You have time gang. Once you do your purchase, please follow the steps below.

How to get access to the IG group?

  1. Request access to private instagram group @nhfit_ 

  2. Send an email to with subject line nhfit challenge, your order number and your insta handle and we will approve you within 48 hours.

  3. I am so excited for this challenge… it’s all about getting us moving, motivated and to just have fun! Let’s do something fun and exciting to start the New Year right!!

Want to elevate and fuel your workouts? Use ‘Riseandconquer’ for 15% off your order at

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