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The game that took my relationship to new depths

The game that took my relationship to new depths

Did you know that pairs who have deep conversations are much more likely to maintain their level of connection than those who have small talk? 

Did you know that a females number 1 desire and need in a relationship is connection. This is why it is so important that we focus on creating and nurturing deep connections in our lives. 

If you are feeling like you want to start having deeper conversations like this with your partner then here are some of my top recommendations: 

  • Create the space for it - you can’t necessarily start these conversations over breakfast in the morning while you are both getting ready for work. Take some time to schedule a date night or time away together so that you are both in the right headspace. 
  • Make sure you have the time for it - you’ll be shocked at how long you might spend having the conversation so make sure you are both comfortable, calm and not stressed about getting somewhere or going to do something after. 
  • Have a good icebreaker - for us this was our connection card game. It’s a nice way to bring up the conversation without feeling intimidated or pressured. 
  • Set the intention - make sure you mention that you are wanting to have a bit of a deeper chat so that they know what they are getting into at the beginning. 

I hope these tips helped! Starting to have these conversations on a regular basis with Tim has been life changing and it’s crazy how the same question can bring up so many different things at different times. 

Earlier this year Tim started his self-development journey and it honestly took our relationship to a new level. He was able to start having deeper conversations with me, challenge me on things and it was so amazing to just see him connect with himself more and become more confident in who he is. 

We always make an effort to schedule date nights or time away, just the two of us, so that we can nurture our relationship - we are our best selves and the best parents we can be when our relationship is prioritised. 

Sometimes after a long day it can be a bit hard to start a deep conversation at dinner, which is what led me to creating The Magic of Discovering Yourself - Connection Card Game. Basically, it has heaps of prompts you can use with your partner (or on your own/ with a loved one) to start a conversation and go deeper in what you talk about.

I know some people want to have those deeper conversations, but struggle to initiate them, so having the physical cards is honestly an amazing ice breaker and makes it a fun little game for everyone so that it’s less intimidating. 

Tim & I have started playing the connection card game on every date night and on our weekends away ever since we received the first sample. Each time we do it something different comes up and we often get so sidetracked in our conversation we realise an hour has gone past and we’re still on the same card. 

Being able to create the space to have these deeper conversations has had such a positive impact in every aspect of our relationship, our communication has improved, we are able to be so open with each other often and it's very much become the norm which I love. 

If you are interested in purchasing the connection card game you can shop it here. 

Love always,

G xx

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