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Something we get asked super often is for our top book recommendations - so I thought today we could share some recommendations from myself & the R&C team on our favourite self-development books. 

One of my favourite ways to immerse myself in self development content is through reading books or listening to audiobooks. It can expose you to so many different techniques, perspectives and experiences from people around the world. 

Here are some of our top recommendations for books that have changed our life: 

FROM ME (GEORGIE) - You are a badass at making money by Jen Sincero 

I’m honestly a broken record with this one but this book completely shifted my money mindset and is actually what empowered me & Coopa to start Naked Harvest. 

It is an incredible book that covers the energetics of money and how you can shift your perspective when it comes to making money to be more abundant. I’ve done a LOT of work since then but it definitely was such a pivotal book in my self-development journey. 

FROM JAYME - Crucial Conversations

It is all about how to navigate challenging conversations and have effective conversation in high-stakes situations. 

It can be such an underrated skill but SO important when it comes to managing important relationships in your life (work or not). If you are someone that struggles to get your point across clearly when speaking to others or find yourself flustered then you will absolutely love this book. 

FROM ATIYYA - Atomic Habits 

This is all about how to make your habits work for you! 

It takes you through the four laws of behaviour change and teaches you how to create good habits and break the bad ones. It also helps to audit & create good routines so that every little thing in your life is contributing to your goals. 

If you find yourself always running out of time or resorting to negative habits then you will love this book. 

FROM GEORGINA - Breaking the Habit of being yourself Dr Joe Dispenza

This is all about showing you how to tap into your mind's unlimited potential and transform your life from the inside out. It will also help you to break free from limiting beliefs and work on negative thought patterns. 

If you want to become the master of your own destiny and connect with yourself on a whole new level then you will love this book. 

FROM COOPA - Wayne Dyer’s The Ultimate Library

This audiobook has snippets from the best parts of Dr Wayne Dyer’s books and programs. 

He is an internationally renowned speaker who helps people on their self-development and spiritual journeys. He wrote over 40 books and had 21 land on the New York time’s best seller’s list. This is a compilation of the best of the best of his work that you will all love. 

Let me know if you’ve read any of these before or would like some more book recommendations! 

We’ll pop up a thread in our facebook community so make sure to join that here if you aren’t already a part of it. 

Love always,

G xx 

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