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Sneak peak into what the project looks like & whats involved 👀 💌?

Hey Girlfriend 

I’ve had a lot of people asking what the R&C project involves and what the layout is like… 

So, I wanted to write a blog and unpack exactly what is involved in the project so you can have a feel for what you will be investing in! 

So, how will the project help you get to your next level self? Let me show you...

Just to preface this, the course is done through a portal (not just on Facebook) and each week a new module will unlock. Each module will include a content video, a workbook (which can be filled out on a device or printed out), a meditation and a Q&A video from previous rounds. 

Here is an example of what the course looks like:


Each week will be unlocked midday on Sunday so you can have a look before the week begins. (You can always do this in your own time, there is no pressure to keep up with the group as you have lifetime access to all the resources).

Let’s go through the modules and exactly what they involve. 

Module 1: Module 1 is all about getting clear. 

You may or may not have a desire coming into the course, it’s totally fine either way - because in module one we get clear & I mean REALLY clear on what you want. A lot of my alumni have come into the course with a specific desire and after module 1 it has completely changed because it wasn’t coming from a soul aligned place (or they weren’t dreaming big enough). The project is all about quantum leaping and dreaming bigger, which can be daunting to start, but the project helps you feel empowered to know your unlimited potential.

Module 2: Bye bye limiting beliefs 👋 

Now you’ve gotten clear on exactly what you want, we dive deep into what’s blocking you from getting there. You will have stories come up in your head of why you can’t have something - but that’s the thing, these are just stories. So in module 2 we will unpack these and choose new stories (I will teach you my formula on how to do this). 

Module 3: Time to raise your vibe GF & Ask for guidance. 

Have you ever heard of the saying ‘like attracts like.’ Well, this week is all about how to get on the same vibration as your desire. The thing you're chasing will be high-vibe, so in order to attract it into your life, you need to be high vibe too! So module 3 is all about raising your vibe and asking for guidance. It’s crazy how ‘guided next steps’ just come to you after this week!

Module 4: It’s time to surrender.

This is a big part of attracting your desires, and it comes down to trust and belief. I’m a control freak so I know first hand how hard this bit can be BUT If we become too fixated on this it can become a big blockage.  In module 4 I give you the tools to ‘let go’ in the right way.

Module 5: It’s time to quantum leap baby! & Raise your minimums 

This is a big week - you will learn how to quantum leap into your next level self! This is such a game changer and honestly, one of my favourite parts of the project. You get to dream bigger, ask for more and really break through a lot of ceilings you may have set for yourself. We also dive deep into energetic minimums and how you can raise yours. This is a pivotal moment for a lot of people because we all have areas of our life where we accept less than we deserve and the realisation of that can be mind blowing! GF, it’s time to stop accepting less than we deserve and start setting boundaries in your life, and I am going to show you exactly how to do that. 

YOU WILL LOVE WEEK 5!! This is where so many people have ‘ah-ha’ moments & uplevel!

Module 6: It’s time for reflection & we also chat confidence. 

Module 6 we reflect over everything we’ve learnt, we lock in our core beliefs and we go over the whole formula (this helps cement it so you can apply it to all areas of your life). We also chat about ‘confidence’ which I know is a BIG one for people. I empower you to know it’s safe to go after your dreams and tell you some stories about confidence which will help strengthen your confidence muscle and ultimately empower you to take bold action.  

Transformations seen from the R&C project: 

  • Starting their dream business
  • Finding clarity on their next steps in life
  • Manifesting more $$$ into their life (and it popping up in random ways) 
  • Finding their soulmate
  • Discovering their true calling + pursuing it 
  • Landing their dream jobs
  • Buying their dream house
  • Manifesting their soul sisters into their life 
  • Letting go of limiting beliefs, and stepping into their highest selves 
  • Letting go of society's ideals and doing what makes THEM feel happy
You will also have direct access to me via the FB group and a community of like-minded people! That’s why this is done in a specific 6-week period!

I need to just disclaim that this course is LIFE CHANGING. Once I learnt this formula my life was completely transformed, so just beware that you will start attracting things into your life that seem too good to be true - be ready for it & accept the magic when it comes.

If you are wanting to know more about the R&C project you can click here.

Round 4 of the Rise & Conquer project opens for enrolment on June 28th 7am AEST, spots are limited so if you want to secure your spot we recommend putting it in your cals. The last 3 rounds have sold out within days.

Love always,

G xx
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