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How I was able to buy three houses by age 25… 💸🏠

How I was able to buy three houses by age 25… 💸🏠

Hey Girlfriend

Are you someone who lives paycheck to paycheck? 

Or maybe you will spend money, but each time you do, you think “that is so expensive” and really struggle to part ways with that money?

Did you know this could be because you haven’t worked on your money mindset and changed your beliefs around money?

You might also be sitting there reading this and thinking “money just makes people greedy and being rich makes you evil.”

Girlfriend, money is a neutral energy source, it’s not good or bad, it’s what you do with it that maybe means you’re a ‘good’ person, or ‘bad’ person. 

So, why am I saying all of this?

Well, let me take you back to the time when I was in uni. 

When I was at uni, I really struggled with money, no matter how much I was earning, I was constantly living paycheck to paycheck, borrowing money from Tim & basically just feeling the constant pressure of money. 

I realised I had a lack mentality and I had so many limiting beliefs around money. 

So, me being the proactive person I am, started working on my mindset.

I learnt how to banish limiting beliefs, become a magnet and attract money into my life (through the strangest ways too) and Tim & I saved for our first home (yes, whilst I was still at uni). 

Since then, I have had the core belief that money comes easy to me, it is always in flow and if something unexpected happens, money will still not be an issue. Since having these core beliefs, I have been more abundant than ever before. 

It’s crazy because your mind is so powerful and we are a magnet creating our own reality, it’s not circumstantial, it’s not your ‘luck’, it’s not anyone else and what they have done to you - you, and only you, are responsible for creating your own reality. 

Once you learn how to master your mind and master your money mindset, girlfriend, you will become abundant AF. 

It sounds like a crazy concept and I could go on and on about the crazy things that have happened to me since I started working on my money mindset, but it’s not just happening to me. 

Money mindset is a huge part of the Rise & Conquer Project. We break down limiting beliefs and for a lot of people, their biggest block is related to money. 

I have seen time and time again, people working on their mindset and then all of sudden they get a pay rise or money pops up randomly on the ground or they get an unexpected refund or bonus, the list goes on. 

Read this testimonial from Tori Gibbs, it’s one of my favourite testimonials from the R&C: “I had been manifesting, for months prior to the course, that my boss would let me work 4 days a week instead of 5 and that our family finances would be better than ever. In week two of the course, the conversation got brought up with my boss and it was SOOO EASY! She happily agreed to me working 4 days a week. That night I went home to tell my husband the great news and he told me he got a raise!” 

It’s crazy what can happen when you work on your money mindset, and you may not even believe me until you do work on your mindset, but trust me when I say, this shit just works. 

If you want to know more about these concepts, you can watch my IGTV & podcast on these topics! 

Click here to listen to my IGTV about money mindset

Or Click here to listen to my podcast about money mindset

Or to dive even deeper… If you do want to work on your money mindset and your mindset overall, then the R&C project is just around the corner. We are opening for enrolment on June 28th, spots are limited and the last 3 rounds sold out within days. So, we do recommend putting the date in your cal! 

This will be the last round for 2021 as I am pregnant, so we recommend jumping on it quickly if you do want to get involved. 

Want to know more? Click here. 

Love always 

G xx

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