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Building a successful biz & growing NH to a 7-figure company in 9 months ⚡️

Hey girlfriend

Today I mean business… 

I know this is a hot topic for a lot of people in my community & I often get asked about how we grew and scaled NH so fast and any tips and tricks I have on what it takes to build a successful brand ⚡️

So, today I thought I’d spill my best kept secrets on how to build the brand of your dreams. 

There are a lot of areas I could cover, but today I thought I’d tell you a bit about what we focused on at the start and where we put our money into. 

The 3 areas I’d suggest you focus on to begin with are: 

  1. Get clear on your branding & ideal customer 
  2. Have a solid/strong product
  3. Have a strong marketing strategy 

First of all, you want to get really clear on who your brand is, know it like the back of your hand…

What is your tone of voice? What are your brand colours? What fonts will you be using? What personality does your brand have? What is the name of your brand and why? What are your brand pillars? What values do you uphold? 

You need to get really clear on who your brand is, what point of difference you have and what you bring to the table, because that needs to be clear to your customer. 

You also need to be clear on who your ideal customer is, and know exactly who you are talking to… 

What age group are you targeting? What interests do they have? What kind of budget do they have? What are their values? What problem are you solving for them?

This will be so important when it comes to any copy you are writing and marketing material you are putting out there. 

Next up, a strong product… This seems obvious, but make sure you think about all elements of your product and what problem you are solving for your audience. 

Think about things like:

  • What point of difference your product has (NH was born to bring an all natural supplement company to the market with no hidden nasties) 
  • What values does your product incorporate (e.g. is the packaging sustainable? Is it affordable? Is it vegan? Is it natural? You get the gist...) 
  • The quality of your product (we sampled so many different products for NH, so we knew we were getting the best of the best) 

As a lot of you would already know, my zone of genius lies in the marketing & creative side of things, but this ultimately, is what will bring dollars through your doors! Which is why my last tip for you today is to have a solid marketing strategy. 

We put a lot of our budget into marketing & used a lot of different channels to have our product seen. 

You have to remember that people need to see a product multiple times before they buy (on average 7 times) so having your message pop up in lots of places will be a big bonus when it comes to making sales. 

It might start with someone seeing an influencer promote your product, so they follow your Instagram, browse on your website, then see a facebook ad & then your email marketing lands in their inbox and then they buy! 

Having a solid marketing strategy that incorporates multiple channels will be paramount to the success of your business! 

If you aren’t familiar with marketing strategies, platforms & tactics, I highly suggest hiring or speaking to someone who does… you want to make sure you execute it properly or you may end up putting in a lot of energy with little return! 

Obviously in one blog post it’s hard to cover everything, but I hope this is a good starting point & you have found some practical tips to help you bring your brand to life! 

If you guys do love this style of blog, then let me know & I can do a part 2! 

Love always 

G xx

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