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Re-writing your negative story & how it can change your life 🌈

Re-writing your negative story & how it can change your life 🌈

Hey Girlfriend 

First of all, Happy 2021 - it’s the first ‘blog’ of the year, I cannot wait for what’s in store for 2021. 🦋 It’s going to be a big one! 

This week I wanted to dive into negative stories. 

We all have stories that we tell ourselves. We all have stories that we have in our head of who we are and our struggles in life. 

The good news? These are just stories, we can choose them again and feel into a whole new story. 

That means we can completely change & re-design our current reality! Sometimes we aren’t even aware these are just ‘stories’ sometimes we see them as fact. 

Once you realise you can choose again, it opens you up to a world of possibilities. 

I wanted to give you an example.  

Let’s chat about money mindset. 💸 

When I was growing up, I had the core belief and ‘story’ that money was hard to come by and you had to work extremely hard to earn money. 

I grew up in a family where my parents worked day in, day out. They owned a successful plumbing business and did quite well for themselves, but they worked extremely hard to get there. 

So, naturally, I created a story in my head that the only way money came into your life was through struggle, and once you had it, you held onto it because you didn’t want it to ‘leave.’ 

All through university I struggled with money, I budgeted hard, but I wasn’t an energetic match for money. So, it went out as soon as it came in. I was constantly relying on Tim to help me financially and it was just a concept I could never grasp. 

I was fed up, it was stressful. Financial stress is tough. So, I decided to choose a new story. 

I worked on my negative story and told myself “I get exactly what I deserve which is in abundance and I have an overflow of money.”

Fast forward to today and my relationship with money has completely changed. I never worry about when it’s coming in, because I just know that it will be there for me when and if I need it. I don’t see it as ‘leaving’ because I know it will come back to me. 

I live in abundance and it isn’t something I have to worry about. Because I chose a new story. 

You do not have to struggle unless you choose to. You can create and redesign your story right now. 

Believe yourself and then choose again. 

If you want to listen to this ep, it includes a guided meditation that will help you rewrite your story, click here

Want to unpack your stories even further? 

The R&C project is designed to help you firstly unpack what stories and limiting beliefs you have and then we go through the process of rewriting them. This allows your full potential to be unlocked. You learn so much about yourself and what stories you may have that could be the very thing holding you back from achieving your goals. If you want to know more click here or feel free to DM me or the R&C IG to ask a Q. 

Love always 

G xx 

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