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Femme & Masculine energy and why you need both to thrive in biz 👔👗

Have you heard me chat about femme and masculine energy before? I did an ep on it, I will link it here if you want to have a listen. 

DISCLAIMER: I don’t mean male and female, i’m talking about femme and masculine energy/ ying and yang energy. All people have both, can step into both and can utilise both. 

If you haven’t already familiarised yourself with these two terms, then I guarantee it could be life changing for any biz owners out there (or just anyone in general).

When I talk about ‘feminine energy’ I’m talking about that flowy kind of energy, the creativity, the dancing, the playing, the empathy, the nurturing, the emoting. The receiving energy that just feels so aligned. 

When I talk about masculine energy, I’m talking about getting SH*T done, the assertiveness, the giving, the direct and the action-oriented energy, the productive energy you feel right after you have your pre-workout and you are ready to smash out the day. 

Can you see why we need both to be a boss ass CEO!? 🦋

The trouble is, too many women don’t realise what working in their feminine looks like and why it’s the key ingredient to success for us. 

We almost feel like we’ve got to be in our masculine all the time to even compete in today’s market. But GF, that is not true, and when I realised my femme energy was my superpower in business, everything changed. 

When I started to operate my business from flowwwww, and with my intuition, that’s when I really took it to the next level. 

I hired the right people, came up with the best ideas, dropped the struggle and it got to feel so aligned and almost easy.  

When I was constantly operating my business in my masculine energy I was more stressed, fatigued and frantic. I felt like I was doing things from a place of ‘should’ instead of ‘want’ and when I changed that, it felt more like MY business.

So how do we know when to be in one or the other?

For me, it’s about knowing what tasks need what kind of energy. 

For example, when I know I need to be creative, I give myself the space to go into my femme energy. 

But when I know I have a lot to get done and a lot to tick off my list, I really step into my masculine energy. 

Learning when to step into both and why both are powerful has been an absolute game changer in my personal and business life. 

Especially after a long day of getting SH*TTT done, it’s important we allow ourselves some time to be in our feminine and let go of the stress and tension from the day. 

So how can you step into each?

To step into my masculine energy I do things like: 

  • Writing lists 
  • Having coffee/having pre workout
  • Having meetings and not taking many breaks 
  • Anything that sort of aligns with being in that get sh*t done mode 

To step into my feminine energy I do things like: 

  • Journaling 
  • Sitting in the sun
  • Meditation music 
  • Self care 
  • Taking a bath 

It’s time to stop burning ourselves out and telling ourselves the story that we can’t run a successful business or have success in our lives when we operate from our feminine side. 

You can have both. 

Both the successful business and the family where you nurture and give so much love. 

Both the flowy side of things and the hustle hard side of things. 

You do not need to choose.

Do what feels right for you, there is no box that you need to fit into. 

Love always 

G xx 

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