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Manifesting and Gratitude when you’re in a rush ⏰🔮

Now you know I loveeeee a slow morning routine and really being in the moment, sitting there and journaling/meditating, sipping on my morning coffee… but you also know your girl is busy! 

So this week’s blog is for my girl gang who want to implement these practices but just seem to struggle to fit journaling & manifesting into their schedule! 

I totally get it, these things take time before they become a habit and even when they are a habit, life just sometimes gets in the way. But, I’m here to save the day, because today’s tip can be done anywhere, anytime, even in your car 😮

It’s my go to time saver and it’s super simple...

So, for those busy mornings where I am barely fitting it all in, what I like to do is verbally say:

                       💓 5 Things I am grateful for

                       💓 5 Things I am attracting into my life right now 

                             (I say these in present tense for example “I have achieved”) 

                       💓 And lastly, I sit in the feeling of how I want my day to feel

Each section has so many benefits and wow, I mean it when I say, I can notice the difference when I do this compared to when I don’t! I usually do it in my car, with meditation music! 

Gratitude and why it’s beneficial: 

I am sure you have heard that Gratitude is an absolute game changer when it comes to improving your mental health, setting you up for your day and just improving your overall well being. But have you ever actually wondered how? Well, for me, gratitude is the highest vibration you can operate on, you look at your surroundings, circumstances and what fills up your life and you just have immense appreciation towards it. You are forced to stop, sit and reflect on all the blessings you have in your life. You are operating at such a high vibe that you attract more high vibe things into your life! ✨

Verbally saying what you are attracting into your life:

You know your girl lovessss to manifest, and whilst physically writing my desires down is my go-to, verbally speaking them comes in at a close second. I want you to think of the universe as your best friend, she’s really rooting for you and would do anything in her power to make all your wildest dreams become your reality… but she won’t know them unless you tell her! So verbally stating what it is you are attracting into your life is key 🌟

Lastly, sitting in the vibration of how you want your day to go:

GF, you are literally a magnet creating your own reality. So when I say sitting in that vibration for how you want the day to feel, I want you to think of your ideal day, and really sit in that feeling. Even if you’ve had a busy or stressful morning, this helps you re-centre and become a vibrational match for your desires & let’s be honest, it feels bloody good! 💫 

These are my 3 non-negotiables on a busy day, it helps me step into my power and attract all the good things life has to offer 💸💋🧳🔥

Love always, 

G xx

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