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My night time routine 🌑🌙 😴


This week I have a goodie for you, one of my favourite parts of the day - my night time routine! We all hear a lot about morning routines, but GF, let me tell you - prioritising your night time routine is an absolute game changer! Gone are the days where people would say things like “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” because honestly, you can’t be your best, most aligned and most productive self if you run off little to no sleep! You should know by now, your girl loves an early night 😂 I am definitely one of those people who needs sleep to thrive! 

Sleep can impact our productivity, hormones, learning, driving, our people skills, our emotions and how much we can focus. It also plays a huge role in aiding our physical health - so that’s why I make it a priority...

Implementing a regular & relaxing night time routine helps your body recognise it’s bed time and helps maintain a healthy sleep cycle! So of course, as always, I’ve got some actionable tips for you! 

Here is what my night time routine looks like:

5pm: My night time routine starts from the moment I finish work - I always like to have a finish time (this is super helpful for my girl gang who work from home) 

5.30pm: Having a ‘finishing work activity’ - I LOVEEE to end the day by walking the dogs at the beach. Basically this is an activity that helps your body/mind recognise “OHK we can stop thinking about work and wind down”. It can be anything but try to make it something calming and routine! This is important if you are someone who works from home so your mind can recognise when you're actually stopping work and switching your nervous system from ‘go go go’ to resting.

6pm: Have a shower, getting in PJ’s & doing my skincare routine. 

6.30pm: Cooking dinner with Tim - it’s ‘our’ time where we don’t go on our phones. I’m not going to lie, after this we watch netflix n chill (but actually chill) so this is the time where we talk about our day and connect! 

7pm: Eat dinner and watch our fave TV show! PS. Even at night I wear my blue blocking glasses which I find filter blue light from my TV/phone and help me wind down (you can shop my ‘Georgie’ Baxter Blue blocking glasses here).

8pm: I have my Hot Choc Moon Mylk (magnesium hot chocolate that helps me rest and wind down and honestly helps me sleep like a baby! My R&C fam have a code if you need it’s “Riseandconquerpodcast”)

8.30pm: We go upstairs, I put my gym clothes out (If I’m working out the next day) and read my book. I’m currently reading ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louise Hay, which i’m enjoying. During this time I make sure I’m not on my phone at all and have already set my alarm etc.

9pm: Lights out!

& that is it! Nothing groundbreaking but in 2019 I had insomnia (due to my thyroid) and honestly when you get a good sleep, it’s a complete game changer. I notice a huge difference if I don’t stick to a routine like this so you bet I’m not going to stray!

Love always, 

G xx

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