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My Health Kick: Not The Normal Kind...

Okay GFs, it’s time to be real with you. Between launching Naked Harvest, moving into my new beach home and interviewing epic guest speakers for The Rise and Conquer Podcast… ya girl hasn’t been her healthiest self. You know how much I love my workouts and eating wholesome food that fills my soul, but lately I’ve existed primarily on takeout, too much screen time (80% work, 20%netflix) and restless sleeps.

That’s why I have decided to embark on a health kick, but here’s the catch; it doesn't involve dieting, restriction or taking things out of my life in any way! In fact, it involved adding things in to my daily routine that I’ve let slip. Wondering how I plan on doing that? Well, by adding in the below healthy habits to my routine:


Okay, I used to meal prep religiously because it was so convenient, saved me so much time and always ensured I was eating nutritious meals (which can be a particular challenge with a hectic work schedule). However, since moving houses I have felt like cooking has been at the bottom of my priority list. But that’s all about to change GFs! I’m back using my weekly Hello Fresh boxes and cooking up a healthy storm. I’m already feeling so much better knowing I’m getting in good quality meals rather than ordering Indian for dinner most nights, and it’s saving me so much time and hassle come lunch and dinner! Healthy, delicious dinners that are ready to eat without spending an hour to make? Sign me up!


If you follow me on Instagram, you know I never miss a workout. It’s like my personal therapy, I love it so much and it always makes me feel incredible. However, these past few weeks I’ve definitely missed out on a couple of workouts because I’ve convinced myself I was “too busy” that day! That’s why I’m consciously bringing back daily movement into my routine. Even if I think I won’t be able to fit in a FitStop class one morning, I am making a promise to myself to find time throughout the day to walk the puppies, meditate or even just have a quick beach dip. Daily movement is SO important, and it’s crucial for my general happiness and focus.


This one is pretty simple, but often hard to implement. Who else finds it hard to drink lots of water throughout the day? I often get so busy that I forget to drink. But increasing your water intake is good for so many things GFs. It improves your focus, brain retention, flushes out your system and promotes healthy digestion Basically, wherever I go, my 1L water bottle is coming with me!


This one is HUGE for me. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve let myself switch off and be present this entire year. When running your own business, there’s always something you could be doing... There’s always an email to be answered, a call to make, a document to write… but I am still learning to remind myself that my work will still be there tomorrow, and that I need to put the breaks on for an hour or two each day to completely switch off from “business Georgie”. I plan on doing this two ways!

  1. By reducing my screen time: More specifically, not sneaking my laptop onto the couch after dinner to “quickly do something”... (guilty).

  2. Enforcing a routine sleep schedule: Getting my sleep back on track is a big goal of mine! As an early riser, I often forget that I should also be going to be at a decent hour if I need to get my 8 hours.

So there you have it GFs! And look at that… not one diet in sight. This is how I plan on getting my health back on track, and if you are also struggling to find your healthy self again, then I encourage you to implement a few of these into your daily routines too.

Lots of love,

G x

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