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Drinking?? Delicious Food?? Workouts?? My Holiday Rules I Stick By!!

Hey GFs!

So, I have just come back from the most beautiful overseas #girlstrip exploring the geographical jackpot that is Bali, with the most epic crew of women. We snorkelled, got massages, laughed far too hard and ate incredible food (and snuck in a few cheeky cocktails) for 5 nights… and girls, let me tell you I needed this trip to recharge my batteries!

When I was away #livingmybestlife for a week, I got quite a few DM’s on Instagram in regards to staying healthy while on holiday, so I thought I’d give you what you’re after and dedicate an entire blog post to just that!

As you know, I don’t restrict my food, over-exercise or diet so you best believe I didn’t take any of those habits with me while travelling! In the past, I’ve always made it a number one priority to “eat clean”, exercise daily and track my calorie intake so that I didn’t fall off the bandwagon while on holiday, and to be honest all it did was make me feel miserable. The only memories I have from those trips were my constant obsession to stay on track and not fall off the bandwagon, and that’s just not how I want to live anymore. I (like most of you) go on holidays to relax and enjoy a break from my busy life. So, now I make sure I enjoy it... yummy food, drinks and all!

So the question is, am I healthy on holiday? Well I believe I am, but it all depends on your definition of healthy. My definition of healthy is not just what I eat or how much I exercise, it’s feeling happy, content and full of gratitude. Sure, I fit in a few workouts where I could this time around, but only because I wanted to and not because I felt like I had to. I also drank lots of delicious cocktails with old and new friends, but enjoyed acai bowls and green juices when I felt like it.

If you’re struggling to ease up on yourself while you’re on holiday, here are a few things to remember:

The gym will be there when you get back…

If it seems like the world is going to end if you don’t fit a workout into your daily holiday regime, then I want you to remember something… the gym will always be there when you get home. You know what won’t be there when you get home? A different city, a new culture, authentic cuisine and the wonders that lie outside of your hometown. You go on holiday for a reason! And that reason is to relax, travel and explore new places… so take advantage of it while you can! If the opportunity arises for you to workout and you know you’re doing it because you really want to, then go crazy GF. But in my opinion, life is too short to go out of your way or miss a certain experience just to fit in a workout (am I right ladies?).

You won’t lose as much “progress” as you think you will

This is a huge one to remember, and something that I’ve personally struggled to realise myself. We think that if we miss a few workouts, we will instantly lose the hours, days and weeks of progress we’ve made, but logically, that’s just not true! Sure, you may feel slightly less fit or strong when you get back into your daily routine, but I’ve learned that my body adapts pretty quickly and I’m back to fighting form in only a few weeks. My advice? Chill out GF! You won’t lose as much progress as you think you will by enjoying your holiday. PLUS I often find that taking time away from usually gym routine it is usally exactly what my body needs!

Have that cocktail, life it too short to spend 95% of it worrying about weighing 5% less

Whether it’s colourful cocktails, delicious food or decadent desserts… don’t try to restrict yourself. While your friends or partner are busy having the time of their lives, it’s not enjoyable for anyone if you’re constantly saying “no” to good food. I’ll put it simply, HAVE THAT DAMN COCKTAIL. Life is too short to spend 95% of your days worrying about weighing 5% less. Trust me when I say there is more to life than constantly thinking about shrinking your body!

We only get a few amazing holidays in our lifetime, make memories that will make you smile when you’re older

I remember on past holidays I would ALWAYS be up early to go running or hit the hotel gym, because I was so concerned with staying on track with my health and fitness journey. It’s sad to say that I remember very little from those holidays, but the one thing I DO remember was making my workouts the main priority. Don’t make the same mistake I did GF. As I’m getting older, I realise just how important it is to make amazing memories with my favourite people, because those are the things that will make me smile when I’m old. I can tell you right now 80 year old Georgie isn’t going to smile because she didn’t miss that one workout on a trip to Bali that one year.

Repeat after me GFs “I am still healthy if I enjoy a holiday!”.

You’ve got your whole life to exercise and eat healthy, but only a few chances to make the most of everything else the world has to offer. Make them count GF.


G x

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