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My go-to tanning routine for a summer glow ☀️

Hey Girlfriend 

Coming into the cooler months, your girl loves a fake tan. 

I have been using Eco Tan by Sonya for a while and you may have seen over on my Instagram that I swear by these products. 

Not only are they 100% natural with no hidden nasties, they also are AMAZING quality and it still blows my mind how well they work 🤯 

Our skin is our biggest organ, so we have to make sure we are treating it with kindness and only putting the best products on our skin that are free of toxins. 

Today I wanted to run you through my tanning routine, I always get lots of Q’s in my DMs about what products I use and what my self-care routine looks like, so I wanted to pop it all in a blog for you guys to refer back to! 

My tanning routine always starts a couple days before I actually tan. 

Monday or Tuesday: 

To prep my skin I like to use the pink himalayan salt scrub from eco by sonya! It takes all the dead skin off and makes my skin nice and fresh. 

I also like to do the same to my face and I use the Super Acai exfoliator for a more gentle scrub. 

The pre-prep will be the make or break of your tanning routine and I highly recommend implementing this before you tan! It’s important to do this step 24-48hrs before you tan not straight before!

Thursday (tan night): 

You may or may not have seen me raving about the 1 hour express cacao mousse from Eco Tan. If you guys haven’t tried it then you need to! I like to do two-layers and leave it on for a few hours, but if you are looking for a more natural look, simply apply for an hour and then wash off! 

I love how fast the formula works, it makes life so much easier with a busy schedule! 

I apply my tan using the tanning mit from Eco Tan, it applies the tan on streak free (and we love that) 

I also apply a layer of face tan water to my face for a natural glow (if you haven’t used this product, it will quickly become your new favourite).

Post tan: 

This may be the most important part of the routine - ladies, moisturize! This is a game changer when it comes to durability and longevity. I moisturize day and night when I have a tan on. I have naturally dry skin (especially in the colder months) and I find this process just allows my tan to stay on even. I love Body Milk by Eco By Sonya. 

I have found this routine to be fail-safe. I know other people have different routines but this has been my non-negotiable tanning routine for quite some time now! And let’s be honest, waking up with a tan is an immediate mood enhancer! 

If you like the sound of these incredible products, I have a code for my girl gang, it’s GEORGIELOVES for 20% off. Shop here.

If you have any Q’s please feel free to reach out!

Love always 

G xx

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