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How to surrender to the universe & trust the process ✨

Hey Girlfriend 

You know when you want something, and I mean REALLY want something, you sort of become fixated on it, to the point where it is all you think about!?

You worry about how it is going to happen…

You worry about when it is going to happen… 

You worry about whether you’ve taken the next steps and done everything you can…

You lose sleep sometimes…

You drift off in conversation…

It’s all you think about DAY & NIGHT! 

We’ve all been there but GF I am here to tell you to do the exact opposite. 

Hear me out for a second. 

It’s a process I like to call “trust & surrender”

It’s a huge component of my 6-week Rise & Conquer project, we dedicate a whole week to it, because it is so vital when it comes to manifesting. 

So after you’ve gotten clear on your desires, you’ve asked for your guided next steps and you’ve taken bold action, it’s now time to surrender and trust the universe that your desire is coming your way. 

I get asked so often in my Rise & Conquer Project “I’ve done all I can but I still don’t have my desire, what else can I do”...

That’s why I wanted to address this today because the key component is surrendering. 

Once YOU have done your guided steps, you need to trust the universe to bring you your desire.

If you feel like you've done everything you can do,  now you have to work on surrendering. 

Focus on letting go of the control of attracting your desire. 

Know it will happen. 

Try to not be so focused on it, forget about the how because that’s not up to you. 

It all comes back to trusting that things will unfold as they are and how they are meant to. 

But you know the saying, a watched pot will never boil…

The more you focus on it, the more disheartened and impatient you will become and that is not the vibe that will attract your desire in. 

You need to say “I trust that the universe has my back and is working hard to bring my desire to me” 

Remember: It will be better than you could have ever imagined. 

You need to stay high VIBE! That is what will help you attract your desires in. 

It's good to remind yourself of your desire and meditate on it, but you need to loosen your grip! 

Remind yourself that you have done all you can do.

Try daily affirmations like:

  • I am a magnet creating my own reality
  • What I am looking for is looking for me too
  • I have done all I can, the universe is bringing me my desires

You’ve got this GF! Keep being high vibe, your dream life is just around the corner

Love always 

G xx

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