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How to get your SH*T together ⚡️💼

Hey Girlfriend

Do you often wonder how people have their SH*T together? 

I get asked a lot about how I manage to do it all and keep everything organised with so much going on. 

Especially now, that I am pregnant, having my SH*T together and making the best use of my time & energy, has never been so important! I know once bub arrives that will be even more amplified! 

The first thing I have to say to that is, I don’t always have my SH*T together. No one does & if they say they do, they are lying. 

We are human which means our organisation, motivation, dedication and discipline ebbs and flows. 

But, on the most part, I like to think I have mastered the skill of having my SH*T together. 

So today, I wanted to give you my best tips to getting your life organised so you can start smashing goals and levelling up. 

Planning & preparation is key 

This one is huge. Planning & preparation is key. If you want to make the most of your time, then you need to plan and prepare. Know exactly what you have coming up in the next week, month, 6 months. You don’t have to have your whole life planned out, but having a clear idea of what you need to do in the near future will set you up for success. 

Routines, rituals & self-care 

You guys would know by now I am so big on rituals and routines and clearing my space to feel organised and on top of everything. I have a morning routine and a night time routine and these really help me to set up for a day of success. Self-care is also huge for me. I find when I neglect it, I struggle to be in my feminine and therefore, it affects lots of areas of my life. If you want to read up on feme & masculine energy, I wrote a blog post all about it here

Read books & listen to podcasts

You guys know I am a huge advocate for podcasts & books - never stop learning! To shift into a higher vibe, expand your knowledge and learn new ways to have your sh*t together, podcasts and books are a must! You can see my top audible book recommendations here

Practice goal setting & set intentions

If you don’t already set daily, weekly, monthly & yearly goals and intentions then they are a game changer. Instead of just mindlessly working through the day, set goals and be clear on exactly what it is you are working towards! I am huge on setting intentions and I love to do so especially at the start of each month as a kind of a reset! You can read about setting monthly intentions here.

Work on your money mindset & sort your finances out 

If you are constantly living paycheck to paycheck, you are never going to feel like you have your sh*t together! This all comes back to your money mindset and whether you have a lack mentality! Start working on your money mindset and get your finances sorted and you will feel like a new person! 

Have daily non-negotiables 

Do you have daily non-negotiables? Maybe it’s journaling, maybe it’s exercising, maybe it’s drinking 2L of water or maybe it’s getting to bed before 9pm - having daily non-negotiables helps you stay disciplined and form habits that will help you stay on track, productive and organised. 

Surround yourself with people who inspire you 

If you are constantly the smartest, hardest working & most motivated person in the room, then you are in the wrong room! Hang out with people who inspire you and motivate you to be the best version of yourself that you can be. 

& lastly, don’t be so hard on yourself! Getting your SH*T together is a whole lot easier when it comes from a place of self-love rather than self-hate, give yourself credit and know you are doing great! 

The next round of the Rise & Conquer project is just around the corner, if you are wanting to learn the exact formula I use anytime I want to uplevel & inevitably get my SH*T even more together, then sign up to be notified when we launch! Click here to do so

Love always 

G xx 

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