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Here’s how I get clarity…

Can you believe it is already the middle of the year? 

The past 6 months have flown by… at this time of the year it is super common to start reflecting on what our new years plans and goals were - and seeing what we have (or haven’t) ticked off yet. 

I personally love to do a mini reset in the middle of the year because honestly, SO much can change in 6 months - you may have changed your mind on some of the goals or realised that things need to shift so that you can still achieve what you set out to at the beginning of the year. 

I wanted to share my personal mini clarity ritual with you that I like to use whenever I’m feeling foggy or just for a mini reset: 

  • Creating a Safe Space: Find a nice area that you want to complete the journalling ritual in - make sure it is free from any distractions and clutter. You want to be calm and focused. I love using my balcony for this because the fresh air, trees near me and sunlight are perfect. Remember to make it cosy too - you might want to light a candle or incense to help raise the vibes. 
  • Meditation: I personally love to meditate before I start journaling. It helps me to regulate myself and let go of any outside pressures or distractions. I love to use some of the clarity meditations from the RISE app! You can redeem a free week here. 
  • Journal: Here are some of my favourite prompts to use for clarity… 
    • What does success look like to me in various areas of my life (career, relationships, personal growth)?
    • Where do I see myself in five years, and what are the key milestones I need to reach to get there?
    • What are my top three goals right now, and why are they important to me?
    • How do my current goals align with my core values and beliefs?
    • What potential obstacles might I face in achieving my goals, and what strategies can I use to overcome them?
    • What small, actionable steps can I take today to move closer to my goals?
    • Who can support me in achieving my goals, and how can I involve them in my journey?
    • What past achievements am I proud of, and how can they inspire and motivate me to pursue my current goals?
    • Are there any goals that no longer resonate with me? If so, how can I adjust them to better fit my current aspirations?
    • How can I ensure that I maintain a healthy balance between working towards my goals and taking care of my well-being
  • Create an Affirmation: I love to end my journaling practise by creating a personalised affirmation centred around any realisations I have had while journaling - this helps me to stay connected to my realisations. 

If you are wanting to go deeper and get super clear on what you want from the next 6 months and your BIG life then you will absolutely love Do It For Your Future Self - our 7-day Clarity course. I love to redo this course every 6 months just to use it as a mini 7-day reset to get clear and make any shifts for the following 6 months. It’s currently 50% off in our End Of Financial Year sale so now is the perfect time to grab it! You can find out more here. 

Love always,

G xx

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