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Here’s what you need to do this 6/6 portal…

The 6/6 portal is a very powerful day within the spiritual calendar. 6 is known for harmonious balance and the sun is also in Gemini at this time which is the sign of relationships.

If you are currently feeling like you need a bit of a reset or refresh within the relationships in your life (not just romantic) or potentially are looking to manifest some more soul aligned connections then you need to make this most of this portal. 

Here is a little ritual you can do to harness the energy of the portal and help you bring in some amazing relationships or level up your current relationships: 

    • Set the scene: First, find a nice quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. I love to light a candle and use some incense to create a beautiful atmosphere. Grab a journal, pen and any crystals that resonate with you. Rose quartz is amazing for love and relationships!! 
    • Meditation: Starting with meditation will help you to bring your focus to the present moment. We have dropped some amazing guided meditations centered around relationships in the Rise App which would be perfect for this - you can get a free week here.
    • Intention Setting: Set some clear intentions of what you want out of this session. Do you want to manifest a partner? Are you wanting to create more balance within your life? Write your intentions down before you begin. 
    • Journal: Here are some journaling prompts you can use to help you with this…
      • What aspects of my relationships bring me the most joy?
      • Where do I feel imbalance in my relationships, and why?
      • How can I bring more harmony into my interactions with others?
      • What past relationship patterns do I need to release to welcome new energy?
      • How can I nurture myself to maintain balance in my relationships?
      • What qualities do I value most in my friendships and why?
      • How do I contribute to the growth and positivity of my friendships?
      • What boundaries do I need to set or reinforce in my relationships for my well-being?
      • How can I show appreciation for my friends and loved ones more consistently?
      • What are my top three priorities in my relationships, and are they being met?
      • How do I handle conflicts in my relationships, and what can I improve?
      • What past experiences have shaped my current approach to relationships?
      • In what ways can I be a better friend or partner?
      • How do I balance giving and receiving in my relationships?
      • What actions can I take to deepen my connection with my friends and loved ones?
    • Affirmations: Create some affirmations for yourself based on what you have journaled on that you can carry through for example, “I attract loving and balanced relationships” or “I attract amazing soul fulfilling relationships.” 
    • Gratitude: End the ritual by practising gratitude for what you have in your current relationships and take a moment to practise gratitude for all you are about to receive based on your manifestations. One of the most powerful ways to manifest is to act like it has already happened which is often best done through gratitude.  

End the ritual by blowing out your candles and setting clear intentions for how you want to move forward. Is there any inspired action you wish to take? Write this down so that you don’t forget. 

If you are looking to call in more soul aligned relationships or attract your dream partner and want to take this work deeper then you will love the content we are sharing in RISE the app - this entire month is themed around attracting you dream people. You can claim your free week here. 

Love always,

G xx
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