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Here is why journaling will change your life…

Journaling is one of the most powerful practices that I have used in my daily life that’s helped me to connect with myself on a whole new level. 

I love being able to put my thoughts on paper and release the power they had over me. Often, once I read back on what I’ve written I realise that things weren’t as big as I thought. 

I also love the power that reflection holds within journaling. Looking back on what you once dreamt of, what you once struggled with and what you once were working towards, reminds you of the evolution you’ve had as a human! 

Journaling can be done in so many different ways but here are some of my personal favourites:

  • Brain dumping: I love using my journal to brain dump whatever is going on in my mind. Sometimes things can start to feel super overwhelming but as soon as they’re written down they aren’t that big. 
  • Unpacking triggers: When you find yourself getting triggered by things it can be so useful to use a journal and prompts to help you unpack what you’re thinking and why. It can help you to get clear and also have a more objective view of the situation you are in. 
  • Manifestation: I LOVE using my journal to manifest my desires. One of my favourite personal tricks is to journal as if I already have the thing and really sit in the gratitude of that. Doing this will help you to raise your vibe and help you to attract those things into your life. 
  • Audits: Something I’ve started implementing monthly since doing our Do It For Your Future Self Course at the beginning of the year is monthly audits. Each month I write in my journal on one page what is working and what’s not working on the other - this really helps me to see what is happening in my life that I love and what I want to change. 

  • There are many different ways and styles of journalling, you can journal to unpack triggers, to manifest things, to step into a higher vibe or to even gain clarity on specific situations.

    You may hate me for saying this but there is no right or wrong when it comes to journalling - just do whatever feels right at the time. Those are just 4 of the ways that I use my journal but there are SO MANY more. 

    If you’re struggling with starting to journal and are after just a few short daily reflection prompts here are a few to get you started:

    • What are three things you are grateful for today? 
    • What did you learn about yourself today? 
    • What can this new understanding bring to your personal development?
    • How are you feeling today, and why do you think you feel this way?
    • What are the root causes of these feelings? Are there any patterns?
    • What is one daily win & one daily challenge from today?
    • What are your intentions for tomorrow? How do you want to feel?

    Love always, 

    G xx 

    PS. Our LHFM Manifestation Journals are officially back in stock - you can find them here. 

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