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A look inside our team's personal journals...

Journalling is an incredible tool to assist with reflection. I personally love using it as a tool to see how far I have evolved. Often you get so caught up in external changes you can forget how much you have shifted internally. Being able to reflect on how you were thinking and feeling about certain situations weeks, months or even years ago can be such a beautiful thing to do.

With the relaunch of our LHFM Journals we thought we would all take a trip down memory lane and go through our journals to see some old entries to see if any of them had come to fruition. 

Here is a sneak peek into my journal. I was going through a bit of scarcity in my money mindset at the time and decided that I needed to shift into an abundant mindset.

You won’t believe this but later that month I found some old accounts that I had *forgotten* about with thousands in them, from incomes that I wasn’t focused on.

It is honestly mind blowing what you can attract, receive or find once you show the universe you are open and ready for it.

Here is an excerpt Georgina found from her journal from January this year - before she even worked at R&C.

Her dream day is literally her day now down to the time she finishes work! Your internal thoughts become your reality and this was such a strong reminder of that! 

You have probably heard Atiyya talk about how much her life has changed since perfecting her morning routine, so for her, looking back on this reminded her that the version of her that entered 2023, only dreamt of the life she lives now. How amazing is that!

Jayme wrote this when she first moved to the gold coast, unsure of how the transition would go. Since then, she has surrounded herself with people that she feels like she’s known her whole life and feels like she’s found her people and really stepped into her role as a manager. 

How incredible are those, the power that lies in journalling and manifesting is simply unmatched.

A reminder that our sold out LHFM journals are available to purchase, plus you can bundle them with our Manifesting with Momentum masterclass to get 50% off on the journal (just add both to cart for an automatic discount). You can find them both here. 

Love always,

G xx

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