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It's time to reset your life...

Did you know that spring is the perfect time to start new things?

You’ll find there’ll be an incredible new wave of energy rushing over you and you will start to be more aware of certain shifts that you want to make. Spring’s energy is centered around new beginnings so with 4 months left of the year now, it is the perfect time to do a little reset so you can hit the ground running for 2024. Instead of waiting for the beginning of the year, harness this new wave of energy now so that you can start 2024 in a higher frequency. 

I’ve made a conscious effort this year to consistently check in, audit and connect with myself to make sure that I am feeling aligned and lit up by everything I do and it has honestly been life changing. 

And now is actually the perfect time to instill some of these practices because it’s spring. You can get clear, set intentions for how you want the rest of the year to feel and 

I thought I’d give you a few journal prompts to help you reflect on this past season and what you would like for the future. 

  • What aspects of your life do you want to renew or refresh as you look ahead into the next year? 
  • What goals and desires are exciting you right now? 
  • How will you prioritise self-care this spring to prepare yourself for the year ahead? 
  • What emotional and physical clutter are you ready to let go of this spring? 
  • How will you embrace change as a natural part of your journey in this next season? 
  • What are you grateful for as you embark on this season of new beginnings? 
  • What opportunities, people or experiences do you want to attract into your life?

If you are feeling like you are ready for the next thing and really want to end 2023 on a high note, then you will love our FREE mini ebook - The Ultimate Spring Reset. We have created the perfect workbook for you filled with checklists and our tips & tricks to reset your life this spring. This isn’t just your classic list of things to declutter (but yes, that is in there too) - it has an R&C twist so we are chatting about relationships, finances, schedule and so much more! 

You can download it here. 

Love always,

G xx
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