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Why representation matters & making sure BLM isn’t just a trending hashtag w/ trailblazer & actor Ayeesha Ash


“If you’re going through hell, keep going” and “comparison is the thief of joy” are some of the very empowering words from Ayeesha Ash in episode 88. Ayeesha is a proud Maori Grenadian woman, co-founder of her creative arts company Black Birds & has worked professionally as an actor for over 7 years!

In our chat, Ayeesha shares that she started her company as a response to the lack of representation and the misrepresentation of women of colour in the film and TV industry. She shares some empowering words for those who don’t feel seen, and are wanting to take the leap and create the space for themselves that they deserve. We also touch on some really important topics like cultural appropriation and how we can all play a part in ensuring that Black Lives Matter isn’t just a hashtag trending on social media. 


I’m so grateful for Ayeesha’s time and energy to provide us with this important conversation! She has an openness that allows you to feel at ease with what you don’t know, listen to her words carefully 💖
You can find Ayeesha on Instagram here and her company Black Birds here. You can also find her podcast ‘No Offence, But’ here!


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