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*Introducing the Rise and Conquer Project 6 week live course!* 🎉 ALL your Q’s answered...

In episode 89, I introduce my brand new course - the Rise and Conquer Project! If you follow my socials, you would have seen me announce it last week. If you’re new here, then here’s a quick run down! This course is designed to help like-minded women banish their limiting beliefs, shift their mindset, build their confidence muscles and take control of their lives.

Sound like something for you? All of the juicy deets are fleshed out in this episode! I answer ALL the questions from my community about this amazing project including the cost, what type of woman this course is for, the time commitments involved, whether you can participate if you live overseas and SO much more. Tune in, I just know you’ll be as excited as me when you hear it! I can’t WAIT to rise and conquer on a whole new level with my community.
Sign up for the waitlist here! Enrollment opens Tuesday 23rd June 7am AEST.


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