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The challenges & reality of training for Tokyo 2021 + reaching fitness goals through mindset// w/ Paralympian Vanessa Low

I’m sure all of us have had something postponed or cancelled due to the pandemic. For world record holder and paralympian Vanessa Low? It was the 2020 Tokyo games. 

In episode 95, Vanessa shares her story of how she lost both of her legs at age 15 after accidentally stumbling from an overcrowded platform in front of a train. Following the accident, she spent the next six months in hospital and if you had seen her then, you would have never guessed that a couple of years later she would be competing on the world stage. Fast forward to today, Vanessa holds the world record in the women’s long jump!

Vanessa says that 80% of her training for the Paralympics was mental whereas 20% was physical. In our discussion, she provides an insight on how you can achieve fitness goals through your ‘mental fitness’, tells us how much training goes into the games, and shares some of the challenges the postponement Tokyo 2020 brought up. Vanessa has an incredible outlook and shares some amazing perspectives about how she’s looking after her overall wellbeing during this time while keeping a sharp focus on the games which will be a bit further away than expected in 2021. This ep is such a goodie and I know you’ll all love Vanessa’s outlook!
To follow Vanessa’s Tokyo 2021 journey, follow her on Instagram here and on Facebook here.


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