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My night time routine 🌙😴


Let’s chat about NIGHT TIME ROUTINES 😴🌙✨ You all know me by now and that I swear by having my routines in place! Night time routines can be especially hard to put in place when our screens are begging for our attention and the thoughts of the day are still running around our minds.

But in this ep, I explain allll the amazing benefits of sleep, chat about our carcadian rhythm and share what I do to wind down after a long day. I also introduce the R&C fam to my newest magnesium hot chocolate product, Moon Mylk, and chat you through the ingredients and their benefits! So listen in and prepare for an amazinggg sleep 😴✨

AD// Want to relax, unwind, recover & feel the calm wash over you? Try our new Moon Mylk magnesium hot chocolate! Use ‘Riseandconquerpodcast’ for 10% off your order at

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