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Tapping into your spirituality 🔮 w/ Allira Potter, psychic, curve model, meditation teacher, life coach & spiritual healer

Tapping into your spirituality & finding your divine purpose 🔮 In today’s episode we meet Allira Potter. Allira is an absolute inspiration and is talented in so many areas, she’s a spiritual healer, curve model, meditation teacher, life coach & a psychic so today’s ep is filled with a lot of passion, inspiration and of course actionable tips. Allira has gone from being a regular party-goer to now using her higher power to help & heal so many. Today we dive deep into turning your life around, finding your divine purpose & how to tap into your spirituality. We also chat about cultural diversity, how to become more present & how Allira is working hard to change the narrative of the wellness space. Allira gives helpful tips on how to truly step into your power & create a life that fills your cup right up. 

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