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Giving yourself permission to do nothing ✨

Do you feel guilty when you do ‘nothing’? This is all too familiar for me, I’ve gone from using all my spare minutes dedicated to the ‘hustle,’ to really appreciating how beneficial an hour of ‘me’ time is a day. Our lives today are filled with so much and we often forget to pause and have that ‘me’ time that we so desperately need. We are only human, and we need to learn doing ‘nothing’ is an important part of life. Just like our phones, we too need time to stop, unplug and recharge. That’s why today’s episode I dive deep into how I’m learning to do nothing and all the amazing results that have come with that. With the diagnosis of my Hashimoto’s disease, it made me realise something needed to change. And that something was doing ‘nothing’. I needed to inject nothingness in my life, so in times of the ‘hustle’ I can truly be productive.  So this is the pep talk for you if you need to insert more nothingness into your life. I hope this helps you drop the guilt & start injecting peace and tranquility into your life ✨

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