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Myth Busting: Soy, Dairy, Binge Eating + Gut Health with Nutritionist & Dietitian Marika Day

Are you confused by the amount of conflicting information about what to eat, what not to eat and which diet is best for you? There’s too much BS! This ep is all about diving deep and getting rid of the confusion around the never ending list of health & nutrition myths…  

I chat to successful dietician & nutritionist Marika Day, who runs an IBS clinic in Bondi and is the dietitian for Keep it Cleaner Fitness program. She shares her own personal struggles of dealing with coeliac disease and why that lead her into her passion. She specialises in nutrition for gastrointestinal disorders, gut health and women’s health. Her mission is to break down the myths and misconceptions in the health industry using science based evidence with a holistic approach. She works to provide her clients with practical tips they can use to make changes that will actually improve their health and wellbeing. 

Listen in to this ep now so you can learn how to navigate the BS online + how to tips on balancing your own nutrition & health! I learnt so much, so I know you will too!



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If you want to try THRIVE for yourself, my R&C community gets a special discount of 15% off with the code ‘riseandconquer’ at checkout!

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