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Ivy’s sleep + feed routine 🍼 how Ivy has slept 12hrs a night by 12 weeks old

Okay guys, this episode is giving you all the details of Ivy’s sleep + feed routine! I’ve had lots of mummas in my DM’s asking what the “secret” is to getting Ivy to sleep 12 hours through the night, so I thought I’d dedicate an ep to let you know what we’ve done with Ivy’s sleep & feed routine 🍼 These tips and tricks have been a game changer for not only mine & Tim’s happiness, but also for Ivy’s! Listen in to hear what we’ve been doing to avoid midnight wake ups and lots of tears… 


Disclaimer: this is just what has worked for us, if you are struggling with your babies sleep & feed routine, I recommend seeking professional help as that’s what really made the world of difference for us! 


Sleep specialist: Suzie, from happy baby consultancy (she is Brisbane based). Please DM @riseandconquer.podcast for her mobile/email. 

The book I recommend: Save Our Sleep by Tizzie Hall.

I also read the PDF from Jen Hamilton ‘WOT Baby’


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