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Flexitarianism! + how to use food to ⬆️productivity & busting food myths with The Biting Truth

Meet Anna and Alex, the flexitarian dieticians from The Biting Truth! The two work together as workplace wellness consultants and are dedicated to empowering people to take back control and live their healthiest lives possible. 

In this episode, we dive into all things FLEXITARIANISM and the many benefits this ‘diet’ can have on our health & the environment 🌏Alex & Anna also provide loads of time-saving health hacks and tips on how food can increase productivity levels! 

We also play a game of ‘mythbusters’ and get to the bottom of some common food misconceptions (yes, you can eat white potatoes.)

I had SO much fun interviewing these intelligent and bright women, I hope you enjoy these practical tips as much as I do!

You can find their Instagram here and their website here.

You can also find their 28 Day Flexitarian Challenge here!


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