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Ep 8: Conquering ACNE + body positivity chat with Nicola 'The Unrefined'

Ep 8: Conquering ACNE + body positivity chat with Nicola 'The Unrefined'

This episode is for all my girls who struggle with skin issues and body issues! My good friend and acne guru Nicola (@the__unrefined on Instagram) is here to share her wealth of knowledge, insight and advice on how to deal with the many struggles of acne. Nicola is the creator of the online program F.ACNE which features 6 conventional & alternative health professionals on one platform. We chat about skin care routines, stress, the Acne Face Map, supplements and so much more on this episode, so I hope you enjoy it! Nicola is also the creator of the online program F.Acne, which teaches you in depth about acne, finding your triggers and provides you with a non-biased, judgement free community of fellow acne sufferers. Want a discount off the program? We have that too!

For 50% OFF the F.Acne program ( use the code “riseandconquer” at checkout.


  1. “What is one thing, big or small that you are rising up and conquering this week?” 2:25

  2. Skin care routine, VS other internal factors.. What’s the biggest contributor to acne? 5:13

  3. “It’s really important to focus on the internal triggers…” 6:42

  4. Other factors that cause acne? “...Stress in the number one factor…”  6:56

  5. The elimination diet... Does it work? Identifying your trigger foods. 9:05

  6. “I went through a phase of having cysts for months and months…” 13:15

  7. Acne Face Maps.. are they a myth? 13:49

  8. Doctors, Dermatologists, Acupuncturist, Naturopaths… Which health professional is best for acne? 15:28

  9. “I will not stop until I know what the root cause of something is…” 17:02

  10. The Pill… Should you go on the Pill to cure acne? 19:54

  11. “...every woman should research the pill…” 20:49

  12. The long term effect of the pill. Highways? 21:23

  13. Skin B5, Zilch Acne Formula & other supplements that help manage acne 25:44

  14. Long term scarring recommendations. China doll facial? Laser? Skin needling? 27:06

  15. F.Ance: A non-biased, judgement free community for acne prone women. 29:02

  16. “I was so obsessed with my skin…” 29:45

  17. Links between gut health, stress, anxiety & acne... New program alert! 31:37

  18. Let’s talk body confidence. Nicola’s go-to practises to be confident in her own skin and how you can too! 33:50

  19. “I make sure I count to three…” 35:05

  20. How to register for F.Acne program! 43:49

For 50% OFF the F.Acne program ( use the code “riseandconquer” at checkout

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