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Ep 12: Conquer your mental fitness: Why you need mindfulness with Dr Elise Bialylew

Dr. Elise Bialylew, is author of the #1 bestselling mindfulness guidebook, The Happiness Plan and founder of Mindful in May, the world’s largest online global mindfulness campaign that teaches thousands of people to meditate, while raising funds to build clean water projects in the developing world.

We chat about how can mindfulness release stress, improve wellbeing and transform your life, how mindfulness restructures and changes our brain, how someone can implement these practices into their lives right now & how to deal with resistance when starting a new healthy habit.

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  1. What is mindfulness? Training your mental fitness... 3:45

  2. Science says: If we don’t invest in our mind, we’re missing out on harnessing our potential 5:40

  3. “50 percent of the time, our mind is not present…” 6:32

  4. The correlation between our wandering mind and stress...  6:40

  5. “The more you do it, the more the mind and the brain change…” 11:00

  6. 10 minutes a day: Meet the chaos of your mind. 11:20

  7. Mindful In May program: What is it? 14:45

  8. FUN RUN for your mind: Fundraising for a good cause 16:40

  9. Making the big decisions: “It’s really challenging… “ 22:18

  10. Support your own wisdom, live your most authentic life, be happy 23:40

  11. Brain chats: Neuroplasticity & the prefrontal cortex 24:45

  12. Recognising physical sensations: “When I am angry, what do I sense in my body?” 30:05

  13. Research links to inflammation reduction in the body… 33:00

  14. Meditation for awareness. Tuning in to your surroundings. 37.00

  15. “...a detox for the mind” 41:30

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