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Ep 10: Giving yourself permission to pivot, The reality of post bikini/fitness shows + Starting your own business with Sami Rose

Sami (@samirosefitness) is a health & fitness coach. From being overweight in her early 20's, to competing at her leanest state in 9 bikini shows, she now lives somewhere in the middle and focuses on living her healthiest, happiest, and most balanced life, and teaches her clients and followers how to do the same!

Today me & Sami are chatting about how to stay motivated after you have conquered a big goal, how to give yourself permission to pivot when your goals change, Sami's experience with post fitness/bikini shows, completely step into your power & feel confident while doing it! + we have a in-depth chat about Sami’s experience of going out on her own & the good & bad with owning your own business.


  1. “I thought that competing was that final thing to get me over the edge, and to hit my goals…” 5:26

  2. Looking back on her journey: “I can’t even recognise myself...” 6:10

  3. Competing & restriction. “As much as there were really high highs, there were also a few negative implications….” 7:00

  4. “I was starving for so long…” 8:00

  5. Post show troubles: Binge eating, reverse dieting and rebounding… 8:30

  6. Willpower? More like the “screw it” mentality! 9:10

  7. “I gained 15 kilos in a 3-6 month window” 11:35

  8. Making a positive mindshift. “If I found I was picking apart a body part, I would focus on other things about myself that I loved” 13:10

  9. Living your truth, overcoming fear of failure & things that hold us back 19:05

  10. Online coaching: “I would never have pictured myself as a personal trainer…” 24:15

  11. Chatting about her side hustle (online coaching business) “I took the plunge…” 27:20

  12. The pros and cons of working for yourself. 29:20

  13. “It took me a while to get here…” 38:30

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