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Your Definitive Guide to Beating That 3PM Slump

Have you ever been on an absolute roll at work or having the most productive day at home, only to hit a huge wall of exhaustion at 3pm?

Say hello to the 3pm slump!

If you’re wondering why you feel so fatigued in the afternoons, there are a number of factors that can be responsible! Such as what you eat, your hydration levels, sleep and probably the most unavoidable factor.... How much time we spend staring at a screen!

So GF’s, it’s definitely not uncommon to hit a 3pm slump, we’ve all been there! Whether you’ve been running a million miles an hour at work that day, or perhaps you’re feeling the effects of the late night Netflix binge you pulled the night before…. One thing’s for sure, that 3pm slump has you craving caffeine!

As much as coffee is an absolute lifesaver when you’re feeling sluggish, I’m here to let you know that there are OTHER ways you can get your pep back in your step!

Need an energy boost that doesn’t involve an unhealthy amount of caffeinated beverages? Here are my three ultimate hacks to re-stimulate your brain and re-energise your body! (They’re even effective in reducing your stress!)

So say goodbye to that 3pm slump and say HELLO to that second wind!


Inversions are a great hack that I often use to get the blood flowing nicely after hours of sitting at my desk! If you’re unsure of what I’m talking about, please let me explain! To invert something means to do the opposite, or - in our case of sitting up straight - going upside down! Now before you freak out, I’m not suggesting we do anything crazy like walking handstands or one-handed cartwheels on our lunch breaks. However, there are little movements you can do that’ll start pumping more oxygenated blood back into your brain.

For example, next time you’re feeling sluggish, stressed or low on energy, try laying on the floor with your legs straight up against a wall (try to get your butt as close to the wall as possible!), or practising a simple downward dog movement for a minute or so. As I work from home these are relatively simple for me to achieve, however if you’re in the office, a great way to do this is to hit the gym on your lunch break! Even if you go and just do some inversions while you’re there, your body will thank you later! (and the last two hours of your work day won’t be as unbearable!)


It’s been scientifically proven that a little sunshine can make us a lot happier! Not only does fresh air and vitamin D improve our moods, but it may also reduce the amount of melatonin your body produces (that hormone that makes you sleepy!) If I’ve noticed I haven’t let myself leave the confines of my house all day while I’m working, I make myself get up and get a little outdoor time. Whether that’s heading to the shops down the road to pick up some groceries or taking the dogs for a walk, I find that it helps keep me focused and happy! If you work in an office, I would suggest getting out of the office to eat your lunch in the sunshine!


Feeling overwhelmed can be a huge contributor to your decrease in productivity, mood and energy! If you’re desk is messy, you’re naturally going to find it harder to get the job done efficiently (whether you realise it or not!) because your mind is cluttered and disorganised. When I feel this way, I find that the 3pm slump is even worse than usual! Same goes for your inbox! Take it from me, putting off those unanswered emails that are multiplying by the second is only going to increase your stress levels and make working seem both daunting and impossible. So before that 3pm slump hits, I suggest giving your desk a makeover (yes, clean it!) and get those emails answered. I promise, come 3pm everything will seem a little more manageable.

These are just three quick tricks that I use in order to get the blood flowing and my brain firing again in the afternoons! If you struggle that 3pm slump, give these simple hacks a go first! You might find yourself surprised with the results.

Love always,

G x

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