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The perfect activity for your valentines date night

With Valentine's day this week I thought now would be the perfect time to share an activity that has completely changed my date nights with Tim. 

Last year I set an intention to deepen my relationship and start having more conscious conversations with my husband. 

He started getting into self-development and I finally felt like we could create the space and time to have some of those deeper conversations and improve our connection. It has had such a powerful effect on our relationship and I am a better wife & mum because of it. 

It can be hard to bring up the possibility of having deeper conversations with your partner - especially when it isn’t the norm but it can be done!! 

My top tips: 

  • Create a safe space - Make sure you let them know that it is a safe space to share and that there will be no judgement. 
  • Create an atmosphere - Whether you are doing this over a long brunch or an evening date night make sure that you are feeling comfortable and in a good energy. 
  • Don’t be scared to have an icebreaker - Sometimes having a some prompts (or our Rise and Conquer connection card game) helps to make the conversation feel more like a game and have a little less pressure

If you have a valentines date night planned this week to celebrate then you can use the next few questions to help get a deeper conversation going with your partner: 

  • What’s a secret you’ve always wanted to share with me but never have? 
  • What does being loved feel like to you? 
  • What’s a dream you have for our relationship?
  • How do you imagine our life together in 10 years? 
  • What moment did you feel we were most in sync? 
  • What makes me different from anyone else you’ve ever met? 
  • What’s a moment you felt truly connected to me? 
  • Do you regret anything about our story so far? 
  • What do you miss the most about your childhood?
  • What is a pattern you learnt from your parents' relationship that you want to break?
  • Who in your life are you the most grateful for? 
  • At what point in your life were you the happiest? 

If you are wanting to have conversations like this with more people in your life (not just your partner) our Connection Card Game will be perfect for you. We have 35 prompts that can help you break the ice and have deep and meaningful conversations with the ones you love. You can shop them here. 

Love always,

G xx
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