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The Best R&C Episodes of 2019

2019 was an absolute rollercoaster for me and I loved EVERY second of it. 

2019 was the year I conquered some HUGE goals. 2019 was the year I stepped out of my comfort zone, upskilled and built a community of strong women destined for big things. 2019 was also the year I launched my very own passion project, the Rise and Conquer Podcast


Basically guys, 2019 ruled. My podcast means more to me than most realise. Since giving myself permission to follow my true purpose in life, I discovered a way to utilise my “influence” and create a platform to share my own experiences, the messages most important to me, AND provide you with the tools and actionable steps from inspiring women around the world… so that you can rise up and conquer your life too. 

To celebrate a new year (and new goals to kick!) I have put together a list of my TOP 5 most downloaded podcast episodes of 2019! Whether you’re new to podcasts, or you’re looking for some inspiration and motivation to kick 2020 in the butt… you MUST give these episodes a listen right now. 

Here are my top 5 most POPULAR episodes of 2019: 

1. NO BS HEALTH TALK: how food affects hormones, celery juicing? + ditching diet culture - with Nutritionist Nina Gabriela

In this episode, we go into Nutritionist Nina Gabriela’s past of recovery from an eating disorder, and how she transformed her mindset around food & her body. We also go into topics like diet culture, the best foods to lose weight, how food affects your hormones, how many calories a young girl should be eating, Nina’s opinion on this new trend of celery juice drinking + so much more! This episode is a must if you’re looking to go into 2020 with a more balanced, healthy mindset around health. 

Listen to this episode here

2. STOP QUITTING! Set yourself up to achieve your goals in 2019

Going into 2020, the same rules apply! This episode contains my most valuable tips to setting yourself up for a successful year! Want to know how you can finally achieve YOUR goals this year? In this episode I give you my actionable tips and steps to making sure you don’t just set amazing goals for your year, but you knock them straight out of the park, too!

Listen to this episode here


3. HOW TO GET ANYTHING YOU WANT! Law of attraction, manifesting and gratitude hacks with Larissa Emara 

This conversation starts with a discussion about the Law of Attraction. Our amazing guest speaker Larissa defines the Law of Attraction as the vibrations we radiate that depend on our mood and outlook on the world at the moment, and how it attracts the like – a dull mood attracts dull behaviors and happenings; while when we are happy and inspired, it seems as if the world magically turns into an open, friendly, and inspiring place around us! She shares her advice on how to shift your mindset, visualise your dreams and manifest your life into reality.

Listen to this episode here


4. REAL TALK: Getting your period back, over-training and finding what foods bloat you! With Better Being Steph.

In this episode I sat down with my good friend and fellow health and wellness social media influencer, Better Being Steph. We got to cover the most controversial (and difficult to navigate) topics such as overtraining, orthorexia, finding foods that bloat you, and how to get your monthly period back. Steph shares about how she changed her training routine, as it was too intense and negatively affected her body, social life, energy, and health. If you’re going through similar, it’s time to listen from someone who’s been there! 

Listen to this episode here


5. STAYING IN YOUR LANE: How to stop comparing yourself and feel enough! 

Do you walk a fine line between admiring someone and wishing you were them? As women, it is in our very nature to compete. We compete for men, for jobs and for a voice, but we have also developed the nasty habit of comparing ourselves to other women - and this is usually because we feel like they represent something that we don’t have, but secretly (or not so secretly) want in life. GIRLS, it is my pleasure to remind you that we are all running our own races, we are all on our own timelines and we all have our very own journeys to fulfil. We are UNIQUE and that’s what makes us so special. This podcast episode will teach you how to finally stop playing the comparison game, and finally begin to feel as incredible as you already are.

Listen to this episode here

So there you have it, beautiful women! These are my top 5 most popular episodes of 2019. I hope you find some value and a deeper self understanding, going into 2020! Let’s fill this year with positive change. 

If you loved these, I’m so happy to let you know that The Rise and Conquer Podcast has just surpassed our 50 episode milestone! That means we have over 45 other incredible episodes filled with motivational tips, tricks and tools designed to help YOU rise and conquer. 

If you’re ready to binge season one, you can find us on:



If that’s not enough, I will be back for SEASON 2 of the Rise and Conquer Podcast on the 3rd of February, 2020!

Mark the date in you calendars GFs. I have so many amazing new things in store for you this year. We’ve got a guest speaker list that dreams are made of, some epic things in the works for YOU on our Instagram @theriseandconquer.podcast and closed Facebook Group... plus some very special things we can’t quite let you in on yet (you won’t want to miss it gals).  

Join myself and over 2 and a half thousand like minded women on our private R&C Facebook community now! Just click here.

And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for season 2 updates. 

All my love,

G x  

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