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How to identify limiting beliefs

I’ve been a manifestation coach for over 5 years now and one of my most asked questions is how to be able to know when you have a limiting belief. 

Limiting beliefs are essentially any beliefs or stories we hold that make us think we aren’t capable of the life of our dreams. It can be difficult to identify them because it often feels like they are hard truths. 

I thought I’d share some of my top tips when it comes to identifying your limiting beliefs: 

  • Self-Reflection: Pay attention to recurring thoughts and emotions, especially those accompanied by self-doubt or fear. These often point towards underlying limiting beliefs. Ask yourself, "What do I believe about myself, others, and the world?" and "Do these beliefs serve me or hold me back?
  • Notice Patterns: Limiting beliefs often manifest in patterns of behaviour or recurring situations. Notice when you feel stuck or encounter obstacles in certain areas of your life. These patterns can offer valuable clues to underlying beliefs that you should begin to work through. 
  • Listen to Your Inner Dialogue: Our internal dialogue is a great place to find insights. Listen to the language you use when speaking to yourself. Are your thoughts empowering and supportive, or are they filled with criticism and doubt?
  • Journal: One of my favourite tools to help unpack limiting beliefs is journaling. Putting the thoughts on paper helps to make them seem not as intense or controlling as you might have initially thought. 

Here are some of my personal favourite journal prompts to use when identifying limiting beliefs: 

  • What are three recurring thoughts or beliefs that often hold me back from pursuing my goals or dreams?
  • Reflecting on my past experiences, are there any instances where I felt inadequate or unworthy? What beliefs about myself might have contributed to those feelings?
  • What are some common phrases or statements I tell myself when faced with challenges or setbacks? Are these empowering or do they reinforce feelings of limitation?
  • Think about a goal or dream I've been hesitant to pursue. What beliefs about myself or the world might be influencing my reluctance?
  • Consider my upbringing and the messages I received about success, failure, and worthiness. Are there any beliefs inherited from my past that I still carry with me today?
  • What are my greatest fears or insecurities? How do these fears shape my beliefs about what I can or cannot achieve?
  • Recall a time when I compared myself to others and felt inadequate. What beliefs about myself did this comparison highlight?
  • Think about a limiting belief I've held for a long time. Where did this belief originate, and how has it influenced my thoughts, feelings, and actions over the years?
  • Consider a current challenge or obstacle I'm facing. What beliefs about myself, others, or the world might be contributing to my perception of this challenge?
  • Imagine my ideal life without any limitations. What beliefs about myself, others, and the world would need to change for me to fully embody this vision?

If you want to go further, I had an amazing chat with manifestation babe - Kathryn Zenkina on the podcast and in RISE the app about the technique she uses to blast limiting beliefs - it is honestly incredible and so valuable. You can join RISE the app here. 

In case you don’t know RISE the app is a high vibe space to manifest, connect and evolve. The RISE app has been created to provide you with the tools you need to reach your full potential, your in-pocket mindset bestie that will help you reach new levels of consciousness.

Love always, G xx

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