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Training 1: Getting clear on what you want... ✨

In this training snippet, I explain the importance of getting clear on what you want… this isn’t just the specific desire, but also what your whole life looks like & how you show up in this world! G x

Exercise: Okay, it’s time to get REALLY clear on what it is you desire. I want you to get really specific and go into detail.

Answer questions like:

  • Who am I currently?
  • Who do I want to start showing up as?
  • What do I desire?

Then think of what a day in the life would look like if you had this desire:

  • What do you wear?
  • How does it feel?
  • What time do you wake up?
  • What is your financial situation like?
  • What do others think of you?

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Training 2: Know your deeper why! 💓

Okay, so now that you're clear on your desire and what you want your ideal life to look like, it’s time to know your deeper why! In the training, I explain why this is so important. G x

Exercise: Okay, so now you have worked out what your desires are, I want you to go deeper into the why. Answer questions like:

  • How you feel once you achieve, attract or get this desire - what feeling does this give you?
  • How will it bring you happiness or joy?
  • What does it mean financially, what will it mean for your life differently?
  • What will change in your life if you attract your desire?

Flesh out the why a bit more… go deeper!

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Training 3: Get on the VIBE! 🌈

We all know ‘like attracts like’, which means, if we want to attract something high vibe, then we need to be high vibe ourselves. In this training video, I explain a practice I use to do this! P.S. This is only one of the MANY I teach in the R&C project! G x

Exercise: It’s time to get on the vibe. I want you to brainstorm some ways you can get on the vibe & practice this. Try sitting in the feeling and doing a ‘riff’ (like what I did in the video) and sit in the feeling of having your desire…

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Training 4: Follow your intuition & get comfortable with being uncomfortable 💫

I know self-development and taking bold action can be uncomfortable (most of the time) but I really wanted to be here to tell you… THIS IS GOOD!!! Growth isn’t always comfortable BUT honestly that is where the magic happens! G x

Exercise: How can you get comfortable with being uncomfortable? I want you to write the following prompts and see what comes up for you:

  • What is my intuition telling me to do?
  • How can I take bold action this year?
  • What can I do now that will help me step into my next level self?

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Training 5: Dream big, don’t keep yourself small! ⚡️

In the first rounds of the project, a common theme I saw was women making themselves or their dreams smaller because of what someone said or how they thought it ‘had to be’. I’m here to tell you… DREAM BIGGER & you make the rules! Don’t let your limiting beliefs get in the way GF!

Exercise: Okay, GF, it’s time to dream big! I want you to answer the following questions and do NOT shrink your dreams, dream as big as you can:

  • What do I desire?
  • What does my dream life look like?
  • What would be different if I attracted this desire?

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Training 6: locking in your core beliefs & not caring what others think! 🦋

A big part of my self-development journey has been to lock into ‘core beliefs’ (a concept I teach in the project) and have trust in the universe. Also, not letting what others think/say get to me… because honestly, I wouldn’t be where I am today if I did that! G x

Exercise: It’s time to start banishing your limiting beliefs and start ingraining new core beliefs, without worrying what people may think, I want you to choose 3 new core beliefs that you are going to carry with you to help you get to your desire!

I also want you to write down what comes to you when I ask the following question “If you could have anything you wanted, without worrying what people thought, what would it be?”

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Training 7: what is limiting you to get to where you need to get? 🌟

In week two of the project, I get you to review & address your limiting beliefs. These are basically beliefs that we have picked up from childhood or other people that we see as “truths”, but in reality, they are chosen beliefs (that are not actually true). Before you manifest your wildest desires you need to disarm your limiting beliefs & I can help you with that! G x

Exercise: I want you to start to think of reasons that come up for you, when you think of your desires, as to why you can’t have them… these are your limiting beliefs.

I want you to write down all the reasons that come up for you, go into detail!

Now I want you to write new stories, this is the amazing part - you get to choose a new story!

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Training 8: how would it feel if you already had your desire? + guided steps 🌸

A big part of manifesting is getting on ‘the vibe’ of what you want to attract… Some people find this very easy and others not so much. In this training, I explain some ways to do this and also explain how I get ‘guided steps’ to achieve my desires in alignment. G x

Exercise: How can you start showing up as if you had already achieved your desire? I want you to write down some ways you will commit to showing up as your next level self!

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