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Goddess Energy Self-Love Journal (R&C X Kate Jones) 🤎

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Self-love is everything. It allows us to unveil our true power, share our magic with the world and most importantly find complete inner peace & happiness. But so many people struggle to nurture the relationship with themselves & fully accept all parts of themselves. 

Which is why this powerful and transformative self-love journal will be your new best friend 🤎 Making self-love a daily habit so your inner dialogue and relationship with yourself can completely transform. 

In collaboration with Kate Jones (AKA @Dedikated_lifestyle), this journal is packaged up with every tool you need to find complete self-love & acceptance. The journal that will nurture your relationship and uncover the true beauty that lays within you. How powerful it is to be your own best friend and biggest cheerleader.

Kate has been on a transformative self-love journey, from once being known for weight loss to now being an ambassador for self-love, she truly embodies and demonstrates the power that lays within complete self-acceptance. This journal encompasses everything she's learnt on that journey. 

What can you find within the journal? 

  1. An introduction to Kate & her story 
  2. A Journal commitment pledge 
  3. Daily prompted morning & night pages 
  4. Kate's most powerful self-love activities
  5. A journal prompts glossary if you’re feeling stuck on what to journal about
  6. Compliment trackers
  7. Free writing space for you to journal as you like 
  8. Resources to go further on your self-love journey 

How does it work? 

The journal is designed to be a guide to implement daily journalling into your routine. So you'll find morning and night prompts every day so that you take the complication out of journalling and have a simple and easy to follow plan. Then every two weeks you will find a self-love activity to go deeper on. 

The journal is designed to build upon itself so as you get further into the journal, your self-love journey gets deeper. Kate has also curated her favourite resources when it comes to self-love so you have all the tools at your hand for complete self-love. 

You’ll then find a free writing section for you to journal as you like, you can either use the prompts glossary or just journal on what feels best for you! 

Whether you are new to journalling or have been around the block a few times, this journal is designed so you can use it wherever you are on your journey! 

Journal Specifications 

A5 journal 14x21cm
Linen Cover with logo debossed 
100gsm white paper for internal pages
2 x ribbons inside 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
S.C. (Australia)

I get so excited to write in my journal, this is all new for me. I love answering the questions to set me up for the day.
Highly recommend 😘

Grace Weymouth (Australia)
in love

Im only nearly 2 weeks in and I get so excited to wake up each morning and write in it then again same before I go to bed. I love this journal and would recommend it to anyone it is amazing.

Lisa Webb (Germany)
Most beautiful journal !!!

Absolutely love it !!!! It feels so nice and is stunning. Can’t wait to dive deep into it.

Caitlin Jane (Australia)

The quality is amazing and the layout and daily quotes are great.

Shayla Harvey (Australia)

Love love loveeee this journal! Purchased 6 to share with the my besties, mum and sis. We ALL love the journal!