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Do It For Your Future Self: 7 Day Course 🔐

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7 modules, unlocking over 7 days. The framework you need to make the next 12 months, the best 12 months yet 💥

Every successful person starts with a plan, and in 7 days, we're going to work out what that plan is for you! 

It’s time to live a life with intention. It’s time to be so clear on your next steps. It’s time to build the foundations to make the next 12 months, your best 12 months yet. 


Introducing our 7 day course that will help lay the foundational steps so you can become your best you. It’s time to leave the chaos of the last 12 months behind and get so clear on what your next level looks like, because we all know clarity is such a key step in propelling you to your next level! 

If you’ve been feeling stagnant, foggy or stuck - here is your chance to gain clarity and create an action plan for your next steps! 

Your future ‘you’ is determined by the decisions you make right now - so are you going to do it for them?

If you are ready to make the next 12 months the best one yet, find purpose in your everyday, get clarity on what your BIG life looks like and create the foundational steps so you know that your routines, habits and values align with that next level, then this course is for you! 

A breakdown of what’s in the Do It For Your Future Self course…

7 modules unlocking over 7 days, each day a 10 minute workbook & video and then either a 10 minute meditation or activity… 30 minutes a day to completely transform your energy going into the new year 🔑

Day One — An audit of the old you…

Let’s have a look at the last 12 months, what went well? What didn’t? Taking an audit on the last 12 months is going to help you shift gears and grow. I take you through exercises that will help you evaluate and work out your strengths and weaknesses.

Day Two — Leave the chaos behind

We all had things that didn’t go exactly as planned in the last 12 months, but I want us to clear our bad energy & leave those vibes behind! So in this module I take you through my process for doing that! 

Day Three — Your life Buckets! (aka how you will make decisions)

On day 3, Coopa takes you through his formula to work out your buckets so you can see what areas of your life need more nurturing! 

Day Four — Your big life is calling

Now you’ve worked out your priorities, it’s time to get clear on what your goals are! If you struggle to know what’s next for you or find clarity on your path, this module will help you work that out! 

Day Five — Your action plan

Let’s actually map out what your goals are & how you’re going to achieve them! 

Day Six — Routines and rituals to level up

You know we love a routine here at R&C… so this module is going to help you work out the perfect morning & nighttime routine that is going to help you get to your next level… 

Day Seven — Get to know the new you!

Let’s get clear on who your next level ‘you’ is - how do they show up? How does each part of your life feel? Let’s get into the vibe!

BONUS MODULE — Your Monthly Audit!

In this bonus module, you'll get a monthly audit template which essentially is a mini version of all of the teachings from Do It For Your Future Self so you can implement it throughout your entire year! 

Each day will be bite size but powerful so you don’t have to dedicate too much time each day! 

Once you purchase this course you will have instant access to module 1, then a module will unlock each day for 7 days! You will also have lifetime access to the course so you can always come back to it! 

What do you get in the course?

Each day for 7 days, a module will unlock including:

  • A 10 minute video 
  • A 10 minute meditation or activity
  • A 10 minute workbook 

All you’ll need is 30 minutes a day for 7 days… after the 7 days you’ll have so much clarity on what your next level looks like. You’ll have the foundations you need so whenever a big decision comes up, you don’t doubt the answer, you just know because you’re so clear on your path.

If you’re still unsure if this is the right fit… 

If you’re ready to take life to the next level but feel unclear on what that actually looks like, this course is for you. 

If you’re ready to leave your sh*t in the past & let go of anything that no longer serves you, this course is for you. 

If you’ve been feeling stagnant or like things haven’t been progressing for you, this course is for you. 

If you want to build the foundations for a purposeful life, this course is for you. 

If you’re ready to put in the work now, for your future self, this course is for you. 

If you’re someone who struggles to make decisions & listen to their intuition, this course is for you. 

If you’re someone who is sick of settling for mediocre and is ready to take themselves seriously, this course is for you. 


Q: Does it matter what country I am in?

A: This course is open worldwide! You can complete all content at your own pace, in your own time. 

Q: Do you have to do this course in real-time?

A: The idea is to do the daily modules and workbooks within the 7 day time frame, but I understand that life happens and things can get in the way of your intentions. That is why these resources will still be available for life… meaning you can come back to it at any time! Even if you complete this course in 7 days, I guarantee you will come back to it if you are feeling foggy or unclear! I use this formula anytime I do! 

Q: What should I expect from this course/how much time do I need? 

A: Each day (for 7 days) a new module will be unlocked, this will include a training video and workbook + a 10 minute meditation or activity! It will take no longer than 30 mins - an hour to complete per day! 

Q: What will I gain from completing this course?

A: The end result from this course will be clarity on what you want your next level to look like + high vibe energy to carry throughout the next 12 months! I basically wanted to create a course that you could have anytime you felt foggy or unclear on what your next steps were! There were a lot of people from the project who felt like this was something they struggled with, so I wanted to create a powerful and potent course to help you find clarity moving forward.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Teneil Walker (Australia)

This course has helped me get so clear and focused on myself and my goals for 2024

Melissa (Australia)
Absolutely re-set me and helped me to dream again

I purchased this course as part of a sale with the R&C project mid year. I got straight into the course, and found it to be absolutely what I needed. After having my kids, I really lost focus and didn’t really know what I wanted for myself, what my goals were and really how to implement self-care anymore. During the 7 days, I learnt all of that and more. I became super clear on what I wanted for myself for the next 6 months and for moving forward. I loved the flow of the program, as you move forward, each day is perfectly staged to move to the next. This course was absolutely everything, it came to me at the perfect time. I really enjoyed thinking about my dream life and what I want for myself, as well as my family. It helped me get clear about wanting a caravan and what that would mean for my family and I. At the end of the course, as if the universe delivered it, we found a van we wanted to purchase and have had some fantastic family trips already. I would highly recommend the course.



Brittany Harris (Australia)
2023: Ready to go, say yes to me and no to the dis-ease of ppl pleasing

Day 2 brought up some negativity and sadness for me and it actually made me quite emotional however as I've done the R&C project before I understand how powerful it is to move through unprocessed / supressed emotions I was holding in without self-judgement and not playing the shame game. After releasing it all I felt so much lighter and started to become clearer in my future intentions and letting things flow as I progressed through the course. It's only Feb and I'm ready to go and birth new creations - I've already said no to invitations that no longer align (it's the year of 30th for friends) and YES to inspired actions in investing in myself further through coaching, deeper healing and developing my biz as I'm clear on my priorities and next steps now. Cheers to taking back my power x

Would recommend for the year reflection to be on the last day of the year instead of Jan 1.

Montana (Australia)
Getting Clear on my Dream Life

Wow….. this course helped me to get out of my own head and dare to dream. I am so grateful for the feelings and emotions that this course made me feel because it allowed me to visualise my dream life and gave me the tools to really get clear about stepping into my next level self. I cannot recommend this course highly enough to anyone who is stuck and needing a push to kickstart their new life, a life that they are excited for. Just do the course! 💕💕💕